Best company to buy stocks online.


Are you confused in finding the Best company to buy stocks online to make wise  investments and turn them into lucrative amounts ?

TopCount provides some best companies to buy stocks online to make you a millionaire or probably  a billionaire, You no need to worry even if you have zero bucks in your account. Some  online trading firm  offers zero dollars as a minimum deposit to trade. Maybe, Here’s your chance to make your own “Rags to Rich story. Here’s the list of Best companies to buy stocks online.

 TD Ameritrade

This is the top online trading firm as mentioned by, You can purchase stocks online ass they offer 0$ as the  minimum deposit with 9.9$ as Trading commission. Their promotion includes 600$ for some qualified deposits. So making taking wise and strategic decisions you can be a millionaire.

Though it may be pricey,but the services are worthy.



This  trading site is the No.1 Mobile Trading platform as per,Their website and mobile application is most user- friendly especially for beginners. Their commission rates are $9.9 and need $500 as the minimum deposit.

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It may be expensive in first, but it’s simple features special offers allow you to make a lucrative earnings.




You can start your account with no money as they have no minimum deposit, Their stock trading fee (flat) is $4.95 plus $0.50 as options per trading fee. They offer broker assisted services at $25.

Merrill Edge


Merrill Edge  is the industry leader in customer service and research. They provide fantastic offers and the key part of investing is proper research. They have $6.95 as trade commission with $600 for promotional services.



The interesting thing about TradeKing is they offer $1000 free trades with a qualifying deposit.They offer low fees of about $4.95 as Trade commission. There is no minimum deposit for this firm. You can earn like a king with TradeKing.



They have the largest network of online brokers spreading with 500 branches.Their Stock trade fee is $7.00 and $0.70 as contract fee. Though there is minimum for IRA’s and but need a minimum of  $2500 for trading.

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You need do a good research to do before investing. Take quick and strategic decisions to make your investments more lucrative. We have listed best online trading in the world, to add any other firm according to your opinion. Just comment below.