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Best Company for Taxes and Compliances For Start-Ups 


Business owners have a busy schedule, and they often outsource their services for incorporation. There are service providers in India who handle company incorporations online, allowing firms to save time and energy.  

However, Indian business owners often needed to outsource their tax compliance and other related work to reliable firms before choosing company incorporation service providers.  

For start-ups, tax compliance and filings are quite a complex process. If not done correctly, it may lead to more fines and penalties from the government bodies.  

Small enterprises need to save money on taxes. Hence it is better to seek tax and compliance services from reliable firms.  


Let us look at the top online company incorporation service providers in India:   

  1. Cleartax  

The service provider, Cleartax, comes with a great price value as they offer company incorporation services in India. 

Cleartax has great online reviews and customer processing feedback which validates the worthiness of their services.  

Cleartax also provides tax services and helps start-ups to file, return, and match their GST along with providing fast and easy E-Invoice for businesses.  

  1. Legal Vidur  

It is one of the few trustworthy company incorporation services in India that ultimately provides its services online to businesses. The service provider has a 5.0 rating on Google and is known for prioritizing high customer satisfaction.   

Their core team comprises skilled professionals and chartered accountants to provide online consultancy services for India’s business incorporation and tax filing. Legal Vidur’s consultation services compliance with the privacy and security of client information.  

Legal Vidur’s team successfully handles the GST filing, TDS registration, and Income Tax Returns of startups and medium scale businesses.    

  1. Vakil Search  

Founded in 2010, Vakil Search is one of India’s leading legal advisory firms that help in the early incorporation of businesses. They also provide end-to-end services for the entire life cycle of the company.  

The firm has a strong team of Chartered Accountants and lawyers who ensure that your business is protected from corporate liabilities after incorporation.  

Vakil Search facilitates GST filing within seven days for startups, filing Income Tax Returns, professional tax registrations, and maintaining payrolls.    

  1. Jaggi Consulting  

Jaggi Consulting is a significant compliance firm that offers an intuitive process for business owners novices in company incorporation to navigate their procedures. Business owners can get customized recommendations from their experts.  

Jaggi Consulting handles the filing of annual MCA return, GST return, and the preparation of audit reports.  

Their compliance services include processes such as share transfers and MOA amendments etc.  

They charge Rs 6000 to corporates and LLPs for tax and compliance services.    

  1. Ebizfiling  

One of the most experienced incorporation services for businesses, Ebizfiling has provided services to customers at an annual rate of Rs 3499 for ROC Annual Filing for private companies.  

They handle compliances such as changes in LLP agreements and DIN and appointment of auditors.   

Ebizfiling also handles GST filing, TAN and applications, and filing for TDS and ESI Returns.    

Business incorporation, tax, and compliance can be a handful for quite a few companies that don’t have expertise. They need expert and hassle-free services and consultations from the most trustworthy online service providers with good reviews and client service records.  






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