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15 Best Beyonce Songs


Beyonce Knowles is very popular American singer, songwriter and also an actress. The multi-talented star of America is started her singing career is started as and in a girl band named ‘destiny’s child’. Beyonce songs are absolutely amazed you due to her unique and loud voice. The lyrics and the theme of her songs are absolutely unique in each and every time. The versatile singer is basically popular for her R&B songs. Beyonce songs consist some amazing tracks like Heaven, End of time, haunted, upgrade you, Diva, and Pretty hurts. Her performances on each and every single video are just super rocking. Here is a list of top 15 best Beyonce songs ever:

#1 ‘Halo’ Is Here

The song will definitely lay you down in your downtown memory lane. Beyonce’s voice, the beat of the song and the tune is really so perfect according to the lyrics of the song. The third song from the album ‘I am…. Sasha Fierce’ was released in the year 2008.

#2 Single Ladies

Though it sounds quite a loneliness but the song is absolutely perfect for a dancing number. The lyrics of the song depict the funny side of single ladies. The song also from the album ‘I am…. Sasha Fierce’ and was released in 2008.

#3 Love on Top

The peppy number will always make you happy. The carefree attitude of the song really makes you feel that your love is on the top. The great range of the song is wonderfully sung by Beyonce. The amazing song was released in 2011. The song from the album ‘4’ got the Grammy award for the best traditional R&B performance.

#4 If I Were a Boy

The really heart touching song came on the market in 2008. The song got the nomination in BET awards for video of the year. This is one of the best songs among all the Beyonce songs. The reality telling song belongs to ‘I am…. Sasha Fierce ‘album.

#5 Here the Song ‘Listen.’

The track is so moving that it touches your heart whenever you play this song. The song is released in 2006 in the movie Dreamgirls. The lovely song is awarded by broadcast film critics’ awards as the best song due to its amazing lyrics.

#6 Drunk in love

The Grammy award winning song is featured with the Jay Z. Beyonce got the best R&B performer for the magical track. The latest song came in 2013 and became the best Beyonce’s song ever till date. The album of the song is even named ‘Beyonce’.

#7 Sweet Song ‘Sweet Dreams.’

The song is nominated for viewer’s choice awards in BET music award show.  The song released in the year 2008 belongs to the ‘I am…. Sasha Fierce’ album. According to her fans, it is her best ever creation.

#8 Crazy in Love

Featuring Jay-Z the song released on 2003. The album name of the mind blowing song is ‘dangerously in love’. The song got a Grammy award for best collaboration.

#9 Broken Hearted Girl

The lyrics of the song are meaningful as well as powerful enough. The song released in 2008 from the album ‘I am…. Sasha Fierce ‘.


#10 Countdown

The lovely song belongs to the album ‘4’ and is released in 2011. The song got MTV music awards for best editing. The song is also nominated for best choreography in the award show.

#11 Lovable ‘Diva.’

The video of the song is released in 2008 from the album ‘I am…. Sasha Fierce’. Her performance in the song is absolutely stunning just like her.

 #12 Irreplaceable

This is the song among all Beyonce songs you just cannot take off your head.  The song is from the album ‘B’DAY’ released in 2006. The awesome song got BET awards for the best video of the year.

#13 End of Time

The very much catchy and joyful song belongs to the album ‘4’. The amazing song with her amazing voice released in the year 2011 to rock the world once again. The lyrics of the song are really superb just like Beyonce’s performance.

#14 Beautiful Liar

The beautiful song ‘beautiful liar’ is featuring Shakira released in 2006 from the album ‘B’DAY’. The song is got MTV video music awards for best collaboration.

#15 I was here

The song got the nomination in MTV video music awards in the best video category. The video has a great social message. The song is released in 2011 from the album ‘4’.



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