Best 7 Ways For Music Marketing Using Instagram Reels 


Instagram Reels managed to remain significant despite its shaky start. It has become more than TikTok’s inferior knockoff. Currently, it is one of the top platforms you can use to promote your music online creatively. 

Instagram reels are the latest approach to music marketing. It allows you to create brief and entertaining videos on Instagram to express your talent and present your brand to the audience. Some people may argue that pronouncing Instagram reels dead on arrival months back in August was a mistake.  

However, the company noted the complaints about the new platform and addressed them. Within eight weeks, Reels evolved into one of the most effective online music promotion and creativity platforms. Millions of people create looping videos each week through this latest addition on Instagram. The user base is likely to continue improving in the following months. 

Instagram’s reels are as good as TikTok. You might think that marketing on both platforms is the same. They allow creators to make up to a minute-long video and add original audio to them or use music. However, Reels have several advantages over TikTok. The former allows creators to reach their audience via Instagram’s main content feed and Stories.  

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James Shotwell, the host of Music Biz 101, gave details of proven methods you can use to promote your music on Reels successfully. He used clips to explain the specific ideas. He gave examples from Knuckle Punk, the famous pop-punk group and Marshmello, the EDM superstar. If you can’t access the video, the eight proven marketing ideas in the clip are discussed. 

1. Dance videos  

Try to be creative when you make dance videos. It would be best to use fascinating dance videos to engage your audience. Such videos trend online, making them ideal for music promotion.  

2. Skits 

Fans can use skits to create original content inspired by artists’ songs. An exciting performance with a great punchline can go viral faster than a song stream or music video. This strategy is second only to dancing in marketing using Reels. 

3. Behind the song series 

Your fans will like to interact with the real you. Sharing the behind-scene stories of their favorite tracks allows them to know you better. The behind-scene song series can also help you to gain more fans. 

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4. Be yourself 

You can share stories about yourself to allow your fans to know the real you. Videos of your daily activities and hobbies can engage your audience. So, get weird and share even those strange behaviors of yours. 

5. AR effects 

Most Instagram users utilize Spark AR effects on their Stories. However, many of them aren’t aware that Reels have the same technology. You can use this feature to improve your music promotion. 

6. Use your archives 

Past viral clips of your songs can sometimes help you reach a wider audience. Don’t be reluctant to go through your content library and upload those fascinating old videos. You never know the era of your creativity that will connect with the viewers. 

7. Get an influencer 

An influencer whose audience aligns with yours can help you reach more people. You can enter into a content partnership with such an influencer to promote your music. 
In addition to these promotion tips, tease everyone, including your fans. Jokes can help you engage your audience and improve your music career.