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7 Things you should know about the Bermuda Triangle


The very first thing you should know about the Bermuda triangle is…..

It is NOT a love triangle. (Just kidding…bad puns are pretty funny though)

The Bermuda Triangle is a large region in the north Atlantic Ocean measuring over 500,0000 square metres primarily stretching out in between the 3 “vertices” of Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

It is also a home to one of the world’s greatest mysteries… the mysteries of how nothing ever returns after they enter the perimeter of this triangle.
The Bermuda Triangle is a place where a lot of ships, planes and unfortunate souls have supposedly met their end.
A lot of speculation has been made as to what’s responsible for this? Or rather…

WHO is responsible for this?

The first answer that comes to mind is … (Drum roll please… ba da pa bum….) Aliens.
But no. We here at Topcount are believers of facts that align with fiction. Aliens are for some other time.What’s different here and how did it all begin?
Well, we’re here to find out.

#1 The First Myth

To understand the various stories connected to The Bermuda Triangle, it is very necessary to know where it all started.


“Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World”, with these words Christopher Columbus along with his crew of mighty men shipped out onto the “New World Voyage” in 1492

In their mass expeditions, their ship came to halt right in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere—was The Bermuda triangle.

As history records, Christopher Columbus said that he found large and weird “Tentacles” holding his ship to a still. Then!!… Christopher Columbus reportedly saw a great flame of fire crashing into the sea and that a strange light appeared in the distance a few weeks later.

Moreover, his compass was not pointing north and there was absolutely eerie stillness in the waters!

Scary right?

What was in the waters? Sea monsters maybe? Or The Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?!



Hold on for a second now, It’s time for Myth Busters!

Researchers say that what Christopher Columbus saw was just an illusion.

The “Tentacles” were strong sea weeds and that Columbus was closer to the shore than he anticipated.

The reason why his compass was not pointing north was because there’s a difference between magnetic north and true north…His exact location was closer to magnetic north and not true north, thus the magnetic deviations.

Another theory as to why the compass was not working is that bright light which Christopher Columbus saw falling into the water was a meteor. Meteors resonate magnetic properties at times thus hampering the compass.

But that great light you say?

It led to Myth 2.

#2 The Devils’ Triangle


Was the meteor that Christopher Columbus saw the devil falling from the sky?

Some people believe the devil himself lives in the Bermuda triangle. And as the old fairy tales… the Devil doesn’t like trespassers

And as revenge, swallows up anyone of thing that comes its way… and therefore the devil himself is responsible for all the disappreances.

Isn’t it as Shakespeare said “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes”?

Whatever it might be, since then The Bermuda Triangle was also known as The Devil’s Triangle.

#3 The USS Cyclops



The USS Cyclops was a 19,000 ton collier naval ship that vanished into thin air on March 4th 1918 along with its 309 men
When the coast officials couldn’t find any communication with them an air- plane was sent to search for them.
But the mystery deepened when this air plane also disappeared half way into the Triangle’s zones.

The officials didn’t give up. They sent another plane as a search team. However, the pilots of this ship returned with the record that “it was too risky for them to go in”

The mystery of Devils and Sea-monsters in the Bermuda triangle just got more realistic after listening to this.

Now it’s time again for….Myth Busters!


On the day of March 4th 1918, Heavy and turbulent storms were recorded and the deduction was it was too risky to go into the sea…which was completely neglected.

The plane that exploded it was the flying bomb model according to aviation and that it would explode if met with heavy stormy weather.
The second plane that went in recorded Spiral thunderstorms which could be spotted from a higher altitude… such storms would not affect the shoreline but inside in deeper waters would definitely be disastrous.

In the coming years many such records of missing ships and flights got recorded.
The story of Flight 19 and Charles C Taylor left many people traumatized.
Another famous one of the many disappearances was when 5 TBM Avengers went missing on December 5th 1945. They are referred to as “The Lost Squadron” who lost contact whilst the radio receiver still on, then went completely silent never to be heard of again.

#4 Indian mythology

Indian mythology has a myth supporting the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle as well.

Strangely, the Ramayana also describes the story of the “Devil’s triangle”, relating it to the devil who tried to kill Lord Hanuman.


Ramayana features the story of a Demoness “Simhika” who used to reside in Indian Ocean and had the power of grasping any object or person,
this power was given to her by Lord Brahma.
In the story, no one dared to travel passing nearby her. Lord Hanuman later defeats her… but the myth still remains.

In another story, Bermuda Triangle has been described as a place where Lord Hanuman placed King Raavan’s naval mani (gem)

When Ram killed Raavan, the Gem that gave Raavan immortality was hidden away in the depths of the ocean for it to never fall into wrong hands.

That depth…is the depths of the Bermuda triangle.

This makes us believe that the immense grabbing power of mani is the probably the key reason that pulls down the objects flowing or floating nearby or above Bermuda Triangle.

A huge number of Indians believe this to be true because it coincides with their beliefs.

#5 Methane Gas Density

Researchers say that Pockets of methane gas are trapped beneath the ocean,

When released (Through various factors), this gas reduces the Density of the surface. The buoyant force goes down and the ships sink along with it!

This is one of the most logical explanations about the Bermuda triangle.

But it fails to explain why carriers like aeroplanes and submarines which have no relation the water’s surface go AWOL as well.

#6 Atlantis

This is the most absurd myth about the Bermuda triangle but the support it gets is unrealistically-spooky.

According to an outlandish conspiracy theory, the Bermuda Triangle is actually the location of the Lost City of Atlantis.

Theorists believe Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the ocean without leaving any traces behind…because it sunk directly into the Bermuda triangle. Pyramid-like structures were recently found in the Bermuda triangle and Researchers are conflicted if these are the very remains of the Lost city.

But it’s ludicrous because how does this effect the disappearances?

Are those evil evil Atlantis influences (you mean…ghosts??!) seeking revenge for their lost kingdom?!

Nobody knows.

#7 Black holes & Time Vortexes

Since the early 1950s, disappearances have also been blamed on black-hole vortexes.


it’s a bit bizarre to imagine a black hole right in the centre of the earth sucking in all that comes in it radius… well. Myths are bizarre anyways.


Ships and planes which have mysteriously vanished in the area between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda are believed to have disappeared also because of a time vortex. Renowned scientists believe that there is a time vortex in the triangle which throws people into a different time. (Alternate timeline fantasies just got real)

Their claim is the constant storms and spirals combined with lightning and thunder creates time lapses or in scientific terms—“Electronic Fog spirals”

These “Electronic Fog spirals” creates Time tunnels which sends victims way off course in a matter of seconds… into an entirely different undetermined place.

However unusual this maybe…this is a theory. So if you’re into quantum physics and time travel… book your honey-moons to the coast of Bermuda. (Just kidding, don’t you dare!)


From the first myth till today among the various speculation we have never landed on one conclusion. With the technology and humans advancing each day.
Maybe soon we’ll get to know what really is the truth behind Bermuda Triangle.

Until then, what do you think is the true mystery is the Bermuda triangle? Is there a myth you think is the truth?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



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