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Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water


Every morning the first thing that we consume is either tea, coffee, juice or water. This is because after long hours of sleep, our throat feels dry and we need to re-hydrate it.

However, drinking warm water is the best thing for our bodies the first thing in morning.

By doing so our body will not only warm up but also be boosted by the warm water. Warm water also causes an increase in our metabolic rate and improves our digestive system! It will improve blood circulation and also cleanse our body from the inside by removing any toxics.


Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

 Benefits Of Warm Water

1. Helps in Digestion

Warm water helps in digestion. Water and other liquids make sure that food breaks down in the stomach and warm water helps in doing this even faster. Cold water can at times solidify oils and make fat deposits in the intestine. On the other hand warm water ensure quick digestion of food, keeping the digestive track healthy.


2. Reduces Pain

Warm water helps get rid of pain. Stomach aches, headaches and even menstrual cramps! All these pain causing problems can be cured by having a glass of warm water. This is because warm water soothes the muscles and also expands the blood vessels with its heat, hence relaxing the cramped muscles.


3. Cures Constipation

Usually drinking a lot of water and having fibrous food prevents constipation as it provides roughage to the digestive system and makes bowel movements easy. However for whatever reason, if you are still constipated, then consume two to three glasses of warm water and you will see the effect in just a few minutes! Warm water will break down food so movement in intestine is smoother and bowel movement will also return to normal.


4. Increase in Metabolism

This remedy of drinking warm water on an empty stomach is very popular for weight loss. This is because warm water increases the metabolic rate of our body. This happens because drinking warm water brings up the temperature of our body and hence increases Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) of our body. Increase in BMR will lead to breaking down of foods and fats quickly which will then cause weight loss.


5. Increases Blood Circulation

Warm water, especially in the morning on an empty stomach, makes us feel really fresh and ready for the day. This is because warm water warms our body. As temperature increases in our body by consuming warm water, the blood vessels also expand a little and this makes blood flow easy. Hence it increases circulation in our body, making us feel awake!


6. Removes Toxins from our Bodies

Warm water in the morning removes toxins from our body. It is as important as cleaning a used utensil to make it usable again. These toxins are harmful for our body as, from its name you can guess, they are really toxic in nature. Two to three glasses of warm water on an empty stomach will flush these toxins out of your body, leaving you with a healthy and fresh feeling.


Ways of consuming warm water

1. With Lemon

Lemon water will give you a lot of vitamin C which will lead to a better skin, faster cleansing of body, healthier skin (as it prevents premature aging) and also gives a boost to the immune system.


2. With Lemon and Honey

This water will give a boost to your immune system, cure any throat problems or soreness and also aid in weight loss. If you are someone who has to use your voice regularly in the line of work, like teacher, singer, host, etc; then you must have this water as it also opens up your voice and give you better intonation.


3. With Ginger Root

Ginger warm water not only cures any digestive problems like constipation, acidity, etc. but also is a good source of antioxidants which are important to keep our cells healthy and can also prevent spread of cancer cells!


4. With Green Tea

Green tea is not only a source of weight loss but also helps fight depression, provides antioxidants, increases blood circulation and also burns belly fat. Green tea also has anti viral and antibacterial properties which prevents any virus or bacterial diseases in our body. More so, if you are a diabetic, then you must have green tea every day as it not only regulates glucose but reduces the blood sugar level in the body.


5. With Mint Leaves

Mint leaves, like pudhina leaves, with warm water can help you in curing depression, reduces stomach discomfort, treats asthma and leads to weight loss.

So go ahead and try out this natural and simple remedy of keeping your body healthy.



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