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Beginners guide to buy your first guitar


Buying musical instruments can be a daunting task and very challenging, especially for beginners, as most musical instruments come in various makes and models. For instance, buying a guitar has various types prevalent in the market today in different sizes and settings. Therefore, since many styles and types of guitars are available, it can get very confusing and challenging for a beginner to buy a guitar. Therefore, before choosing a guitar, various variables may affect your decision. However, at the end it should all come down to one’s comfort and preferences.  

Below listed is a beginner’s guide for new guitarists, you may want also to consider guitar lessons by instructor.  

  1. Decide on the type of guitar you want 

There are two types of guitars prevalent today; electric and acoustic guitar. Therefore, ensure you know the type of guitar you want when choosing a guitar. An acoustic guitar offers you a glistening, delicate tone that’s perfect for practice and, eventually, songwriting. Acoustic guitars are employed in various musical genres, although they’re most commonly seen in folk, indie, rock, country, and pop. The contemporary acoustic guitar shape was well-established before the electric guitar arrived, so it seems to be a classically-styled instrument with a wide-body and soundhole. On the other hand,  electric guitars come in various styles and sounds for you to explore.  

  1. Choose the shape and style  

When choosing a guitar, ensure you select a style you think looks best. You may get inspiration from your favorite guitarists. This will give you an idea of your preference. Additionally, looking for expensive guitars can be an excellent way to get inspiration. Notably, acoustic guitars have less stylistic variance than any other type of acoustics. Instead, they have a variety of body sizes that generate various sounds. 

  1. Have a budget 

Before buying a guitar, ensure that you have a set budget and ensure you stick to it. This will help you avoid the temptation of paying extra costs for a particular shape or color. If you are buying a guitar on a budget, various beginner guitars are at affordable prices. Starting with a standard and cheaper guitar in case it bores you or is not as entertaining, or maybe you get bored. Therefore, begin with a low price and progressively increase it as your skills and passion improve. Once you’ve whittled down your options to a manageable number, get a reliable guitar shop and ensure they help you out. 


  1. Ensure you test it before you buy 

All guitars in the lower price range will have similar features. therefore,  there’s no need to be concerned about the fretboard’s material, number of knobs, or type of hardware. Guitars have a lot of variables, so it’s crucial not to get overwhelmed. It’s less critical how things sound than how they make you feel. You’ll be more likely to take it up and play if it seems interesting. 

  1. Ensure you buy the needed accessories. 

When buying a guitar, ensure you accept the needed guitar accessories. These include a starter pack that consists of a strap, cables, and plectrums.  

In conclusion, buying a guitar for beginners doesn’t have to be that hard with the above guiding tips. 



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