5 Top Indian Cities with Beautiful Indian Girls – 2018


You must be amusing that how could we term Indian girls as hot, well according to a survey conducted by playboy magazine it is stated that Indian girls are the second hottest in Asia after Koreans and 8th hottest in the world. So guys who are thinking that they are lost and running behind foreigner girls, Buddies you have got the right gold in your country. So where are they in this enormous country. Well, we have made your search a little simpler with the ranks to cities possessing the Indian beautiful girls and some interesting facts.

Top Cities with Beautiful Indian Girls (Pictures, Dresses & Beauty Ideas)

1. Delhi 

Delhi is not only hot with politics but also with hot indian girls. This city is a conjugation point for Punjab and Uttar pradesh where girls and boys come for education and working. When we say Delhi it is the NCR region which also includes Gurgaon and Noida which are the hubs for IT parks where you could extensively find good looking girls. No need to mention about Delhi university and other institute girls. Delhi girls are very cautious about the looks and it is surveyed that a huge amount from their salaries(of course from boy friends too) will be spent on cosmetics and fashion. Delhi girls like to party private and night life is not so active in this city.


2. Bengaluru

The silicon city of India which is an idle destination for many software job aspirants stands second in this list of hot Indian girls. Bengaluru is a mere example for cosmopolitan culture and many of the people residing in Bengaluru are out station people only. Many girls from Maharastra and Madhya pradesh come here in search of jobs. There are many Tamilians and Andhreds in the city. This secular culture has filled bengaluru with hot girls. Bengaluru girls are very trendy and night life is very energetic in the city. Many people meet here through online dates and many girls like online friendship. C’mon check your luck sending fb request to an unknown Bengaluru girl.



3. Mumbai 

This economical capital of India is house for Bollywood and modelling. Many models and girls flew here in search of destiny with the Bollywood. Nevertheless to say every other girl in Mumbai takes extensive care about her looks, be she got inspired from heroins or by one of her friends. Mumbaikers are mainly marathas and their girls are known for their charm and beauty. Mumbai also has some top notch institutions which gives one more reason to place in this in the list. So when you visit Mumbai don’t forget to go for a walk at the Marine drive.134291704_14100720811_large

4. Chandigarh 

This joint capital of Haryana and Punjab has seriously got some great spark. Chandigarh girls are mostly punjabi’s and they are well known for their gorgeousness and sharp looks. This is one of the city which is adopting globalisation very quick and slowly girls are also coming out and breaking the stereotypes. Chandigarh girls are open minded but still conservative at times. They speak with heart and they don’t mind in ripping you off if you did something wrong. So date these hot girls at your own risk.


5. Lucknow

Yes it is Lucknow, we are very serious about it. Lucknow being the capital of most populous state Uttar pradesh is one of the prime destination for students in the state to come here. Lucknow girls are good looking but not so easy moving. The girls who are from Northern Uttar pradesh are very good looking comparatively. The girls in Lucknow are slowly coming out of those comfort zones and are being heart thrones for may boys.


Well, adding to the list the other cities are Kolkata, Hyderabad, Cochin, Gawahati and the list goes on. So guys this is the time and all the best for your quest to find an Indian hot girl.