Beat The Heat With These Drinks


2017 has seen an immense increase in the global temperatures. Such heat is not only unwanted but also unbearable. Temperatures in Mumbai have risen up to 40° Celsius this summer.

These days are only filled with sweat! Even if we are seated in a room with the air conditioner on, but have to use the loo, then we contemplate putting an AC in the washroom! This heat has just been horrible to us.

However there is a way we can still keep our sanity intact and keep our cool. Here are some cool summer drinks which would help you through your hot days!


10 Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

Summer Drink


1.Lassi and Buttermilk

Lassi is a popular North Indian drink. It can be made sweet or bitter as per preference. Lassi contains cold curd or yogurt sugar and cumin powder. These three things are taken in a vessel and blended together to make lassi. You can also add other things like black pepper powder and salt as per taste. Take a glass and put in it some ice cubes to make it more chilled and pour this lassi in the glass and enjoy the drink!

Buttermilk like Lassi is make of cold curd. Put in some salt and cumin powder and some cold water in it and blend it together to get a very light and cool drink. You can also add mint leave to it or add some red chilli powder on top.

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Fruit juices are very nutritious especially when they are freshly made. Use a orange juice squeezer to make orange juice and add some ice to it before drinking. Or cut up a watermelon and blend it to make water melon juice. Having seasonal fruit juices will reduce the heat in our bodies.

Kokum juices are not very popular but are delicious to drink. There are kokum syrups available in the market. Just add some kokum syrup a cold glass of water and add a pinch of chaat masala.

3.Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best way to beat the summer heat. This coconut water can cool down your body without adding ice to it. These are available in most coastal places where coconuts are grown.

4.Iced Teas

Teas themselves have cooling properties despite us regularly consuming them hot. However you wouldn’t feel like having a hot tea, so consume ice tea! Lipton has introduced many iced teas in the market in ready or powder form. However if you want to make one on your own then it’s is really simple! Just make some strong black tea and add in sugar as you need. Transfer the tea to a pitcher and add in cold water and let it refrigerate! If you want to make any fruit iced tea then just add fruit puree to this iced tea and serve in a tall glass filled with ice.

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5.Milk shakes

Milk shakes are loved by everyone. Whether kids or adults. These shakes will bring you satisfaction like none other. Simple take milk, ice, sugar and a flavouring agents like some fruits (mangoes, berries) or other flavourings (Coco powder, coffee powder) and blend them together.



Smoothies won’t just help you against this heat but are also very healthy and will increase protein in your body tremendously. Just take half a cup yogurt or curd and add in any fruits like grapes, mangoes or berries. Just blend them together and enjoy the delicious thick texture. What is best is it doesn’t require any sugar!



This traditional drink has been used around in many countries and are prepared in many different ways.

One way is taking sugar, cold water, lemon juice and any additions like cumin and black pepper powder or rock salt, and blending them together.

Another methods is to take little water and all the sugar and heat it on a stove till the sugar melts to form the sugar syrup. Then add in lemon juice and cold water to it and pour it in a glass with ice.



Slushes are the most enjoyable drinks. Whether it is at the beach as golas or home. Just take any fruits or syrups you want in a blender. If it’s a fruit then blend it first and put in additions like salt and sugar. Then put in fresh ice in the bender, a lot of it, and just semi blend it so that the ice is turned to tiny shavings. You can drink this or eat it with a spoon or a thick straw!

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Sodas are the easiest way to.clench your thirst and cool yourself in this heat. Sodas like lemon soda or ginger beer are extremely refreshing. There are other sodas like pepsi, fanta, etc available easily. But these should not be consumed on a regular basis as they are high in sugar and can affect health. Sofas can also be mixed with fruit extract to make the drinks more delicious and interesting.



Sharbaats are the most delicious drinks. Sharbaats come in a lot of variety and can be had with either cold milk or cold water. Sharbaats like rose or sauf sharbaat help you feel really cool instantly. Other forms of sharbaats could be faloodas which are made in milk. What is more is that you can add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to them enjoy it!

Try out these drinks and stay free from summer heat.