Automaker Mahindra and Ola cabs Alliance could Remodel the Transportation Industry.


Two Leading  brands of  transportation has teamed up to provide better mobility to the people at  an effective and economical prices. Mahindra has promised Ola cabs to sell and finance 40,000 cars by 2018 which paved a unique way for mobility solutions. This $400 million deal with Mahindra makes Ola counter competition from its rival Uber.

This Strategic alliance aims to provide better mobility and promote small entrepreneurship for the Ola drivers. Mahindra offers cheaper cars and also provide services including Finance, Insurance, and Maintainance Packages.

This also helps the automobile manufacturer to mold its cars according to the present and also meet rising future demands. Ola is working hard to cut down its operational costs after firing 750 employees, shutting Taxi for Sure.It has faced a loss of 796 crores during 2015. Previously, Ola teamed up with Nissan Automotives.


Ola cabs wants to hit back at its rival and San Francisco giant “Uber”.Uber has made a deal with Volvo for developing self-driving cars and also Toyota. Whereas, In the International market New York ride sharing app ” Gett” partnered with Volkswagen.

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