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Top 4 Benefits of Cucumber to Stop Hair Fall


4 ways to arrest hair fall with Cucumber – Baldhead is way far away!!

Cucumber is one of the finest natural coolant available in the world. It consists of 95% of water and acts as a natural coolant. Though many people still fight to call it a vegetable, cucumber has its special place in almost all salads. The cucumber is actually born in south Asian parts and traveled all around the world being the favorite for many people.

This vine shrub grown vegetable has many good herbal values which could help the skin and hair in many ways. It is a very low calorie and fiber food that can be the best companion in the weight loss process. According to the world health organization, Cucumber is a valuable source of antioxidants, beta carotene, Vitamin C, and a high amount of Vitamin K.

Cucumber is best known to relieve the stress on eyes and removing the black circles. It is extensively used in almost all beauty care products because of its smoothness and silicon content. The other good thing about cucumber is though it is available in different forms in different countries the nutritional values are the same. Though everyone knows the benefits of cucumber for skin many don’t know it fights well against the hair fall.

Here are the 4 best ways you could use the cucumber to fight the hair fall.

4) Cucumber in food diet

In many circumstances, the inner body heat is one of the main reasons for the scalp hair fall. The cucumber when intake in the daily diet the inner body heat is suppressed by 55% resulting in the low hair fall. The actual coolant protein in the cucumber does all this magic. There is no daily limit for the intake of Cucumber however doctors suggest not to exclude more than 400 grams in the diet. The more intake of cucumber might upset the stomach as Cucumber is also a natural constipation curer.

3) Cucumber juice for hair

The finely chopped cucumber (without removing seeds) should be made like juice using the juicer. This juice should be mixed with few drops of lemon juice and apply to the scalp instead of hairs. The scalp should be washed with shikkakai (much preferred) or a good shampoo.

The rich sulfur and potassium content in the cucumber will arrest the hair fall and stimulates hair growth. This juice will act like magic on the people who are in the early bald phase. The lemon juice will act as a natural scavenger for dandruff and helps hair nourish.

2) Cucumber hair mask

One half of Olive oil should be added to one part of cucumber chops and one egg white. This mixture should be blended properly. Apply the mixture to the scalp evenly and cover it with a shower cap or plastic cover. This will heat up the mixture and the scalp will absorb it.

The more time you keep the mixture on the scalp will give best results. Wash the scalp with a good shampoo or shikkakai. The combination of olive oil and cucumber will stimulate hair growth. The egg white will make the hair smooth and soft. The three ingredients of high vitamin mixture will help the hair grow fast.

1) Cucumber Yogurt mask for scalp

This pack will help grow the hairs even from the buds which are in the last stage. This is a potential cure for bald head people to get the best results. Yogurt mixed with cucumber and mint juice should be blended finely. This pack should be applied to hair evenly and should leave covering for 3-4 hours. Rinse the scalp with water by adding 3-4 drops of lemon juice to it. The mixture of mint juice and cucumber will stimulate the hair growth and yogurt will make the hair roots stronger further arresting the hair loss.

The cucumber juice mixed with rose water applied to the hair and washed after some time could be the best hair spray. The above ways are just a few techniques to arrest the hair fall using the cucumber, in general, there are many ways. So start your trails today with cucumber, make it a part of the diet, it won’t disappoint you for sure. Baldhead is so far. Do you know any other better ways to arrest the hair fall using cucumber? Comment it below.



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