Alternatives to Whatsapp: 7 Apps you can use.


There has been a pot of stir all around the country with the changing policy of WhatsApp. Many are concerned about their privacy. And while it is true that the private chat will be an end to end encrypted a lot of people and even the Government has expressed concern over the new policy. As a result, a lot of people are looking for alternatives to Whatsapp. Here’s a list of a bunch of them.


This is probably the most used messaging app after WhatsApp. It offers almost all the features of Whatsapp. In addition, it also has options for super group of 100000 people, usernames, 1.5 GB file sharing abilities, public channels, self-destructive messages, pass code lock and end to end encryption. It also allows you to play games and then there are the telegram bots. Although, there is no video calling feature on Telegram.

Signal Private Messenger:

Have you faced embarrassment when your chat screenshot got viral? Well, signal can be your solution. It has an excellent feature that allow you to restrict capturing screenshot of your messages. Plus, it has got the best private messages end to end encryption policies and tool. In addition, there are self destructive messages. This is apart from the usual features similar to the ones offered by WhatsApp.

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Going for camping with friends in woods? Spoiler Alert. Your phone network us going to die. Now this is not such a bad idea. You will get a digital detox. But how will you connect with each other in case of emergency? Try Bridgefy. This is an offline messaging app.


Don’t want to compromise your number? Kik is a great messaging app. It uses your email id to send messages. It has all the features of WhatsApp including group chats, video and photo sharing, gifs sharing and even sticks. Further, you can play quizes with kik bot and get lifestyle tips and news briefings too.


This platform can’t be easily used as a complete alternative to WhatsApp. But it is true that your chats have the best end to end encryption and self destruction. And we don’t ned to remind you of the photo masks on snapchat do we?


Whatsapp wasn’t just a personal chat media but also a business tool. Zoom is great for video calling but what when you want to share ppts and want to keep them even when the meeting ends? Skype is the best platform for office work. It jas always been living ahead of its time. After the pandemic many feel that Skype has been a lifesaver.

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Another alternative for WhatsApp if you aren’t comfortable in sharing your number. Great for office work and you get all the features of WhatsApp. However, the UI will take some time to get used to. Accept that this was the alternative to WhatsApp we always had in our phones and laptops.

So, these are some of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. Stay safe and let’s respect everyone’s social media privacy.