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Alternatives to The Usual Wear This Diwali 


Many people wear the same thing one Diwali to the next. Yet, there are new trends and many fashion hacks today that you can borrow great ideas from. Go through online stores, YouTube videos and other sources to see what ideas you can borrow or copy as you wait for the Diwali week to come. Choosing various alternatives too ensures that you are in a position to revamp your wardrobe. And at the same time, you look all poised and glamorous come Diwali. This shift will also give you a fresh new look after Diwali and look like a fashionista you deserve. Here are some of the alternatives that should be erased or avoided in the Diwali party circuits and new ways to adorn the style differently.


The first don’t when it comes to the usual Diwali outfits are florals. This is best when you consider them at a personal level for everyone’s style is different. As much as florals could be the same variety at a particular point. Some of this are floral print blouses, lehengas and sarees and especially the yellow floral chiffons in almost every outfit are too common and saturated in every social media site. The trend seems like having to wear dhoti suits every day it is too fashion toxic. A good alternative for busy florals is to opt for larger florals in the different outfits that you wear. To achieve the best visual for such a look have it in darker palettes or in large patterns that have spaces in between. This look is fresh, clean and refined especially for a Diwali look and it gives you a symmetry flow.



The cut-outs trend especially the side cut outs is still in fashion for many Indian outfits. It is not a bad style but on a fashion point of view it has reached its limit on the fashion industry. The side cut-outs are common on an Anarkali, gown or salwar and anyone adorning to it. In fact, it looks like faux fashion. The twist of it, when covered in a sheer net panel, is also outdated and should not be part of your Diwali outfit. Opt for the new defining and enhancing alternatives that flatter your figure and enhance your outfit as well. Although everyone has a different experience to cut-outs and how their day to day style is. It is not bad to try cutouts on a blouse you are wearing, neckline and get from the bottom cuts to the cuts at the top. Embrace these cut-outs on your blouse at least either at the back or front if you are a fashion risk-taker. Make a statement with fresh cut-outs and refresh your fashion look.


Net Anarkali with stonework 

Please stop wearing this at all costs. These ready-made outfits are too available and almost every woman has one and they keep buying them often. It is a fashion look that used to be the must-have outfit but people should keep them off now that there are better trends and unique styles and designs. The Anarkali look here is a free size and is too big, the shawl looks misplaced and the stonework at the neckline is a design that has reached fashion fatigue that is not classy anymore. Instead, invest in a cotton silk Anarkali is a vibrant color and add some gold around its borders to enhance its look. Ensure it is one that flatters your body type. And rock the Diwali party with a customized unique Anarkali with a statement patterned shawl that makes the outfit more elegant.


Fringes, ruffles, and sleeves

Having a basic and simple look in the past fashion trends was a win. When there were no fringes on tops or dresses, ruffles or scallops or the sleeves would just go in a few styles. Alternate all these basics with the current trends. For instance, with fringes as the Indian fashion world has embraced this style 100%. Add it as well to your must-have pieces coming Diwali. Choose a fringe style top to pair with your floral Lehenga and look outstanding and stylish. For the ruffles, leave alone this trend on the sleeves and other top designs and get your fashions buds on as you turn heads in a ruffled Lehenga skirt that is the current fashion fever in India. Do not despise the new sleeve styles, the off-shoulders, cold shoulders and bell sleeves that are best during winter and a great retro come back. All this and many others that designers are coming up with often will upgrade your fashion statements this Diwali.


Types of wear 

In Indian fashion, there is ethnic wear, contemporary wear and a fusion of the two known as the Indo-western wear. Although none has run out as a poor fashion wear trend. It is good to consider alternating through these three if you are stuck to one for long. For instance, the millennials who completely love the western wear can rock on a traditional outfit this Diwali and wow every one of how splendid they look. As well as those who just trend for wearing traditional outfits. They can opt to do an indo-western blend and get to see a different side of fashion. Alternate in these three different types of wear this Diwali week and gift yourself an awesome fashion experience.

In conclusion, as you eagerly wait for the Diwali. Prepare and research through various social media sites to see what is trending and fashionable. This will not only help you ace your Diwali but it will help you land on the best outfits before they are sold out. Hence, for the last timers, and those in their fashion comfort zone. Unless you know how to play around with your wardrobe and get new styles from it. Leave the old fashion styles and try on the new to avoid looking outdated in the next Diwali celebration you are invited to. In fashion, every time you are faced with two alternatives. Go for the fresh and new never seen before look.



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