Aloe Vera Gel Is pure or not: 4 ways to tell


A lot of skin and hair products today have Aloe Vera gel in it. Why? Because it goes with almost all skin type. At the same time, a lot of products have ingredients that are harmful to skins. Some products even use fake gel instead of pure Aloe Vera gel. Here’s how you can tell if your Aloe Vera Gel Is pure or not.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract:

While purchasing any Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera product check whether it has Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. This is the name of the main ingredient of Aloe Vera gel. If it is not present you are wasting your time.


The bright green colour might be attractive but it is not the natural colour of Aloe Vera gel. The natural colour of Aloe Vera varies between transparent green if the gel is harvested in monsoon and it is transparent golden yellow if it is manufactured on a warm day. Any other colour is simply chemical you don’t want on your body. In fact, the colour of the gel changes due to oxidation when exposed in the atmosphere. It changes brown. If you are manufacturing your gel you will notice this. This is perfectly fine and your gel will still work.

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Let me be brutally honest with you. Aloe Vera gel smells earthy and bitterish. That is if it is pure. It does not have any pleasant smell. So if you are buying any other nice smelling product it is an artificial smell. This is alright until the smell is justified. A lot of products contain essential oils like peppermint oil or chamomile oil to cover the smell. However, you should avoid using products that give strong alcohol or perfume-like smell.


A lot of products and brands can lure customer by mentioning Barbadensis Leaf Extract. They will even use pure gel. However, percentage matter. If you are purchasing a product with 10% -15% of Aloe Vera gel product, then it contains a lot of carrier gel which is useless if not harmful for your skin. Stay away from such products.

So, this is how you can tell if your Aloe Vera Gel Is pure or not. Aloe Vera gel is a good source of vitamin E and antioxidants. This goes with any skin type. So, the pure gel will have no drawbacks on your skin or hair. However, if you are using an adulterated product you are bound to face some problems.