Several rounds have already passed in the new season of the championship of England. Some EPL results look interesting and unexpected, especially in the context of the fight for the champion title.

If the beginning of the championship was successful for Liverpool, then the main rival of the Reds — Manchester City — alternates convincing defeats of rivals with slurred misfires in matches against the middling clubs and obvious outsiders of the championship. As a result, after the first eight rounds, the players of Josep Guardiola are already eight points behind the team of Jurgen Klopp. Given the fact that Liverpool started the season very convincing, it will be extremely difficult to play back such a backlog.

If you take a look at the EPL results of Guardiola’s squad, you can see that they clearly lack stability. If Liverpool often win with a minimum score, then City can score up to eight goals to its opponents.

However, such a celebration of effectiveness is not always on the table. As a result, the current champion of England allowed its main rival to secure a good start. Given the fact that Liverpool is now head and shoulders stronger than all competitors in the Premier League, as well as the fact that the Reds are striving to win the domestic championship, moving them from the first position will be extremely difficult.


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However, even despite the misfires at the start, there is no doubt that the Citizens will continue to fight for the league title. You can always follow the development of events on website. Among the strong points of Manchester City, which should help the team clear the gap, we’d highlight the following:

  1. Cool lineup. In terms of the selection of performers, not a single team in the Premier League can be compared with City. Even Liverpool doesn’t have such a large selection of players for each of the positions.
  2. Great experience. Guardiola’s players already two times in a row became the champions of England, simultaneously setting numerous records. The previous season, they have already managed to clear their backlog from Liverpool, so why not do it again?
  3. Individual skills of the players, which allow them to decide the fate of the confrontations in favor of the team even in the most difficult periods for it.

However, in order to really qualify for the title, the current champion of England must now start to show its maximum. Moreover, this must be done not in one match, but over a long tournament distance. This will be the key to competition for gold medals in the Premier League, as it was the previous season.