All about online dating? The pros, cons, and things you need to know


Within the past five years, the number of under-30s regularly using dating chat room services has rocketed from around one in 10 to almost a third. While many singles still see the traditional outlets – bars, nightclubs, social events, blind date scenarios – as more appealing, the percentage who are prepared to date online is increasing all the time. And this rise is hardly restricted to the younger age bracket either, with divorcees or over-50s fully embracing this dating model. If you are considering joining in the fun, here are the pluses and minuses.


It’s so straightforward

Dating websites and apps are designed for maximum convenience. The ability to access your account 24/7 means you can integrate your online dating experience with your otherwise busy lifestyle seamlessly. The sites are designed to make it simple to browse through the profiles of potential partners, swiftly dismissing any which aren’t suitable.


You’re in the driving seat

There are so many different dating apps and matching websites but when it comes to selecting the most appropriate one to sign up to, that ultimate decision is yours. You can fine-tune your search parameters according to the exact type of data you’re looking for. Once you do begin making contact with other site users, you are under no obligation to stick with anyone.

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Boosts confidence

One of the most favorable aspects of online dating is the fact it is a great leveler. No matter how reticent you feel your personality is, once you go online you can develop confidence, sending messages to prospective partners as if you are a veteran in this form of communication.


An array of choice

Websites and apps are geared towards their users’ individuality. No matter what your own sexual preferences or preferred dating outlets may be, after a minimal amount of searching you will soon come across those particular sites which seem to most satisfy your demands. If you are unhappy with the results of any one site, simply move on to the next.


Honesty is the best policy

Unlike traditional dating, where people are often guarded in their responses and put up a front, an online environment is much more conducive with honesty. People feel far more obliged to reveal they’re true personalities rather than playing mind games. This makes for much more fulfilling connections.

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Beware of catfish and trolls

An unfortunate aspect of online dating is antisocial behavior. People might concoct false profiles to try and dupe other users, often as the first step towards extorting money. Trolls delight in sending nasty messages. Thankfully this type of activity can be reported to site administrators and the culprits quickly kicked off websites.


Ideal partners could live miles away

That are no international boundaries to Internet dating. You might find yourself clicking with someone, only for it to turn out they live thousands of miles away. This can’t introduce all sorts of logistical issues if you ever want to meet face to face.


Beware commitment-phobes

The nature of online dating is site users can be fickle. While they might be tempted to commit to any one particular person they have started to engage with, there will always be an urge to continue browsing through profiles for other alternatives.

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Unrealistic expectations

Very often site users will develop a fantastic sense of chemistry with someone else they seem to connect with, based on the look of their photographs or the silver-tongued wording of their online messages. Actually meeting them in real life can be anti-climactic when they fail to live up to the expectations promised by their online persona.