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10 Facts To Know About Ajit Doval : Indian James Bond.


Meet Ajit Doval, currently serving as India’s National Adviser. He served our nation in various positions from a Police Officer to an Undercover agent. Since 1980’s, He is the face of Indian security operations and presently 2nd most powerful man in the country after our beloved P.M Narendra Modi. He was the mastermind behind many Indian military operations including the recent Surgical Strikes at the LoC.

Check the Mindblowing Facts about National Security Advisor : Ajit Doval.

This man has a lot of craze among many foreign officials and considered as a Great Indian spy. Probably, he brought charm to the Post Of ” Indian National Advisor”.

  1. He is an IPS officer belonging to Kerela Cadre :

He started his career as a Police Officer in 1968 and achieved tremendous results in a short span of time.



2.He lived in Pakistan as a spy for 7 years :

He posed a Pakistani Muslim in Lahore for 7 years and passed vital information to the Indian Military.

3.Ajit Doval is the only Police officer to receive “Kirti Chakra”.

He was awarded Peacetime gallantry award Kirti Chakra for his brave work in Operation Black Thunder.

4.He also worked at Indian High Commission in Islamabad for 6 years :

After he stopped being undercover, he worked in the Indian High Commission and provided information which prevented many Infiltrations into our country.

5. He is the youngest police officer to get the Police Medal for meritorious service :

With his sheer brilliance and bravery, He moved to top ranks in Police department in a short time.

6.Ajit Doval is a Nightmare for Pakistani Government and Terrorist groups :

With his multiple links and contacts in the Pakistani government, he was able to bring secret information which was very useful to our intelligence in preventing many thwarts from terrorists.

7. Main negotiator during IC814 Hijack :

He was the Key negotiator during IC814 hijack with the terrorist groups and also involved in the liberation of 15 airplane hijacks between 1971-1999.


8. Acted as a Pakistani Spy in Operation Blue Star :

During the Operation Blue Star in Golden temple which was then captured by Khalistani terrorists, He described himself as Pakistani Spy and passed on vital information.

9.A Maverick Strategist :

In spite of being a spymaster, He is a brilliant strategist as well. His sheer brilliance helped our armed forces in developing strategic plans to succeed over enemies.

10. Ajit Doval played a crucial role and promised a secure return of 46 Indian nurses trapped under ISIS.



So he is our Bond, James Bond .


  1. if he is a great spy of our country that means he shouldn’t reveal his identity neither indian media should. It is not good to reveal all our secrets in front of world and other spy agencies just for sake of publicity. We need to take it in our reconsiderations that if something is secret then there is a reason behind that. By posting such kind of post on these kind of platforms shows that we are not responsible enough to keep our secrets.


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