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Top 5 AI Jobs and Their Salaries in 2022


Looking to make your career bright and prosper in the field of technology. Give a boost to your career in the field of technology by learning new stuff and engage in some life-changing activities that may provide you better job options in the world’s most relevant companies on high packages one of the sectors in the technology brand that may provide you with the thing you want in life. It will not only provide you with better job options but will give you handy packages of which you are dreaming of.

Here we bring to you the highest paying AI Jobs and the massive packages which they offer to their employees. 

1) Director of Analytics 

The Director of Analytics is the most reputed job in the AI sector. The officials appointed for this work has to keep a watch on all other sectors of the company. Director of Analytics leads the data warehousing teams in research, implementation of data, and development sector. It leads to the improvement of the business of the company and helps to achieve new heights of the company. 

It organises and assembles the technology process and financial resources that are needed by the company. 

Qualification needed for it is a master’s degree in CS, data science, information technology, economics, statistics, business administration, and many more related. The package is around 10-15 lacs per annum. 

2) Research Scientists 

To get into this field, one has to be well equipped in many aspects like machine learning, maths, deep learning of the subject, computational statistics. A job seeker in this area should be well equipped in graphics models reinforcement learning and natural language processing. 

The job qualification required is the master’s degree in CS, which most of the companies ask for. Parallel computing, machine learning, distributed computing are some of the skills to be inherited by research scientists. The package is around 9-11 lacs per annum. 

3) Machine Learning Engineer

This job is also one of the reputed jobs in the AI sector with a healthy package of 10-12 lac per annum. These officials have been provided with the work that the machines are working in a proper way. These are central to the AI projects because these people control every functioning. They opt for the responsible officers in the company that handles their work with utmost care. 

The task of these engineers is to make efficient use of their language knowledge processing and analysis of productive models. They should be well-equipped with programming languages like Java, Python, deep learning, analytical reasoning, and many. More. An experienced person is best fitted in this position.

4) Computer Vision Engineer

Computer vision engineers are the backbone of the companies. They handle all the computer work and work accordingly. They research a large sum of data to solve the problems. A person seeking this job must have 5 years of experience or more to get engaged in this job. It mainly works on the computer that how they can be modified to gain maximum data. It mainly helps to modify the work that is done by officials of the company. The salary is around 7-9lacs per annum. 

5) Data Scientists 

Data scientists work is to keep a keen watch on the companies data and work accordingly. They do it by making predictive knowledge of the required subject, create an algorithm, and collect relevant data to work. 

To get into this job a student has to be a master of computer science, he/she should pursue a master’s in CS. An experienced person is best fitted in this job as they understand the problem and work according to the situation of the company. They are well equipped with all the machinery of the company. Data scientists earn up to 8-10lacs per annum.



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