Ageless Beauty – 5 Beauty Hacks for 50+ Women.


Actresses like Jennifer Aniston, JLo, Meryl Streep can make young hearts flutter even in after their 50s. Bollywood too has many of these ageless beauties including Rekha, Poonam Dhillon, Dimple Kapadia, Amrita Singh that prove that age is just a number. Can you look beautiful after your 50s? Yes!!!! Here are some of the best beauty hacks to preserve your beauty forever

Crease Control:

Wrinkles are a complete no from your clothes to skin. Nobody likes them and yet everybody gets them. And while you can just iron your clothes it is is not so easy process with this skin. Oily skin tones can have their laugh here as they tend to have less wrinkles. But the real trouble is for the women with dry or normal skin. You need to work hard ladies. Make sure you follow your skincare routine without fail. You can keep a check on your wrinkles with regular use of moisturizer, sunscreen, and toner. There are a variety of anti-wrinkle creams in the market, which is a bonus. Further, check your products with your dermatologist and never part with them for ageless beauty.

Inner Glow:

While skincare products work from the outside, you have to maintain your skin health from the inside. It is true you won’t get any acne breakouts like teenagers. However, pimples can still knock on your door and it becomes worse to get rid of those spots as your skin repair is not as fast as it was before. To maintain a steady and good diet including foodstuffs containing sorbitol. Sorbitol helps in absorbing and retaining moisture. It is found in grapes, berries, plums, etc. Staying hydrated is ofcourse important. Drink plenty of water for ageless beauty.

Hair Flare: 

White or salt pepper hair are nightmares of every woman. Naturally, the market is full of many dyes and hair products to solve this. However, you should choose your products wisely. Also, anything that leads to hair fall is catastrophic. In addition, hair fall issues are also a pain. There are a lot of supplements available to cure that too. Again, check with your dermatologist before going for it. One hair hack that really helps is having a good hair cut. Something with short hair maybe. In addition, a good trendy haircut gives a strong impression that you are still young at heart.

Classic Closet: 

Fashion starts with you. After all those years of experience, your taste is perfect! Do not quit on it. If it suits you then it is the trend for you. Explore your fashion choices. Let your experience guide you to have a classic wardrobe that makes everyone stare. There is no harm in dressing young. However, remember not to overdo it. Try new colours and combinations that suit your body colour. There’s no rule that the latest item serves only the younger crowd. A little mix and match won’t harm. Also, you are never too old to flaunt your sexy legs if you maintain them well.

Lighter Makeup:

A bright lipstick or an extremely bright eyeshadow is nothing but disaster. A subtle makeup will give you the elegant look. Add a pink glow to your face to look younger. Additionally, the best part of older ages is having a relatively stable and less sensitive skin. Make sure you look as natural as you can. Hence, go a little slow on your foundation. A cakey face is sure to draw cringes

No matter how much you age, you are beautiful the way you are! Have a ageless beauty.