Advanced Business English Lessons through Private Tutoring and Technology


    There are countless reasons to be interested in advanced business English lessons. After all, they allow you to access new areas and exciting facets of markets, corporations, and boardrooms that would otherwise remain shrouded in confusion and misunderstanding. But, the idea of taking advanced business English lessons is often a point of confusion itself since it’s not truly clear where one can find teachers who have a command of the subject. 

    After all, who is the authority on business English? Certainly, in fields such as linguistics, Classics, and literature —there is some agreement about what makes one phrase “proper” English and another phrase “improper” English, relatively speaking. However, up until very recently, coursework that emphasized business English was a little wishy-washy about its rigor and application to business in practice.

    Of course, these courses had syllabuses and taught good grammatical rules and standard practices that could be helpful, but when we start to talk about the “advanced” stuff, where are we headed? Who is the rule-maker? 

    Fortunately, a solution has emerged to clear all that up: it’s the speakers of advanced business themselves who are the authorities. It’s the people who are in those roles who can instruct us on what exactly advanced business English is and how to speak it. Technology has given us the chance to reach them—see how below.

    Tapping Into Advanced Business English 

    Until recently, there wasn’t necessarily an easy way to access those leaders of business English, setting down the law of how to speak well and conduct oneself in writing on formal corporate occasions. 

    But, with the advancement of remote work, the pandemic, and the emergence of platforms like Eurekly—we have the chance to learn from those who have the experience we want and crave. These tutors can help us learn the ins and outs of what we refer to as advanced business English, which is not so much another language as another set of expectations, contexts, and customs. 

    In the journal, English for Specific Purposes, researchers review the findings of papers published on the instruction of business English in China and beyond to find if they can discover any patterns across 50 years of study. In the opening of the paper, the writers suggest that teaching advanced business English is about more than just language skills, such as vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, and the like. 

    Instead, they emphasize an idea the Eurekly is based on: that learning happens best through partnership with people who can create engagement and share expertise in ways that are compatible with their shared goals. That’s the future of business English curricula in China. In fact, any student looking for lessons in business English should ask themselves the question: “Where can I find a partner in study, someone who knows business contexts and can instruct me in English at the same time?”

    Private Tutoring Advancing Business English

    Private tutoring really is a partnership. It’s an agreement between people that they share the common goal of advancing one person’s skills using the experience and passion of the other. Advanced business English couldn’t find a better home than with online tutoring given its nature to be available to all kinds of people from around the globe. Eurekly brings all that talent and technology together under one platform. 

    With English lessons from Eurekly, you not only have access to tutors with business experience dedicated to your advancement. You also receive technology that helps you capture the insights of lessons wherever you, or the tutor, are in the world. The price is a fraction of the cost of the usual arrangement for formal coursework at colleges or universities. You can also learn much more quickly if you’re a business-minded, ambitious student at heart.

    The site’s  virtual classrooms are equipped to serve every need of the modern student of business English with features they’ll need in actual business meetings and contexts as well, such as presentation tools, screen sharing, note-taking, sending files, attachments, reminders, and more. 

    You have the chance to learn business English as the world has never before had the opportunity or resources to in the past. Take advantage of the fact that you can access tutors who may be former executives and professionals looking to enrich other people’s lives by sharing their English and business knowledge.Start learning advanced business English on Eurekly.



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