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Adtech And Martech: Key Differences You Cannot Ignore


Martech and ad tech are not easy to distinguish. Not just newcomers but also experienced marketers find the conversation about these two terms confusing. To highlight the essence of the difference between ad tech and martech, experts frequently compare it to the difference between advertising and marketing. The terms are interconnected, but they are not interchangeable. In short, martech is related to marketing being an efficient tool in the arsenal of a marketer. Adtech is about intelligent and optimal content delivery. 

So, What is Martech?

Let’s start with a broad definition. Martech is a set of instruments for content creation, analysis, control, and strategy. They are aimed at information gathering and processing. Using specific martech software, marketers can find out more about their campaigns’ efficiency and discover possible improvement methods based on the received results. Martech helps one target an audience more precisely, encourage them to visit your website and buy your goods. Martech tools retrieve information about your customers, making their journey personalized and meaningful. All of that data, like online behaviour and demographics, is considered. We can easily distinguish adtech and martech more precisely, discussing the platforms they use. As for martech, it sticks to the following functions:

Data Analytics 

Data analytics platforms are used to get in-depth insights into current strategies. Marketers use them to see if their ideas work and to improve upon the weak points. 


SEO tools work to improve website performance and visibility. They are martech tools for ranking strategies and analysis. 

Automation Platforms 

Marketing automation platforms save marketers from mountains of manual work and help them perform the right actions at the right moments without direct participation in the process, like messages, pop-ups, emails, etc.  


Customer relationship management or CRM allows marketers to target the right audience and optimize their strategies to make campaigns maximally efficient. They are aimed at the personalization of customers’ experience. 

And What is Adtech? 

Adtech is another set of tools used for advertising. With their help, advertisers make their content visible – they buy a winning ad environment and present their content to their target audience. Adtech is represented in platforms like DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges. Unlike martech, adtech doesn’t suggest any interaction with clients – it is used to inform them about your brand and its offers. At the same time, lacking customization, this technology ensures broad reach. Adtech reduces marketing budgets and allows advertisers to promote their products widely. Adtech uses the following platforms:

Ad Monetization Platforms

Such platforms allow publishers and advertisers to find each other. Publishers offer their space, and advertisers bid on these offers.  

Ad Network 

Ad networks combine publishers’ inventory with powerful adtech tools. Advertisers buy these packs, and publishers benefit from selling their inventory for a high price.


Demand-side platforms or DSPs allow advertisers to get inventory from exchanges and SSPs. This technology is aimed at precise targeting and data management.


Supply-side platforms or SSPs allow publishers to sell their inventory to advertisers. Advertisers use it to deliver ads and learn more about their customers’ actions. 


Search engine marketing platforms or SEM is used to place paid ads on top of Google’s results. 


The adtech vs martech conversation is relevant to everyone involved in marketing and advertising. Just like advertising is a part of marketing, adtech is a part of martech. However, as you can see from the previous passages, they are not the same. These are two sets of tools, which might coincide sometimes, but the differences are still significant. It is crucial to find the best way to combine these two sets to open up your brand’s full potential! Use both of them smartly, and good luck!



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