A Beginner’s Guide to Payment QR Code Generator


    Invented in 1994 by the Denso Wave Company for the purpose of tracking their vehicle manufacturing operation, QR codes have gained due importance in the market in recent years. In fact, with the onset of the novel coronavirus, the usage of payment QR code generators significantly increased. This is not just because they are versatile but because they are seamless and safe at the same time. 

    Talking from the industry’s perspective, QR codes have remarkably helped merchants and enterprises accept payments and track their campaigns without needing heavy investments. That is to say, retailers have leveraged payment QR code generators to provide a seamless experience to their customers while also engaging more consumers. 

    This article will help you understand the nuances of payment QR code generator and their benefits. However, let’s first learn what QR codes are.

    What is a Payment QR Code?

    A quick response code, popularly known as a QR code, is basically a two-dimensional barcode that contains a matrix of dots. It can easily be scanned using a QR scanner or a smartphone that has an in-built camera. Once this matrix of dots is scanned, the software on the device converts them within the code into a string of characters. For instance, scanning a QR code with your smartphone might open a link on the web browser. 

    Types of QR Codes

    There are two major types of QR codes, I.e., static and dynamic QR codes.

    1. Static QR Code

    A static QR code can be defined as a code which contains the information that remains fixed once the code is generated. They are great for the purpose of QR code API, i.e., wherein large batches of codes are generated for employee IDs, event badges, and much more. 

    • Dynamic QR Code

    Dynamic QR code, on the other hand, allows you to change, edit, or update the information as many times as you want. This quality makes them a perfect choice for business and marketing purposes. 

    Advantages of a QR Code

    1. Promotes Networking

    QR codes are more than just some digital barcodes. In fact, they can be used to link a device to the “Like” button situated on your social media page. Moreover, they can also be used to send the users or customers directly to your LinkedIn or Twitter page. 

    Working on the engagement of your customers on social media can further spread the word about your brand. This will lead to a positive impact on your revenue generation.  

    • Loved by Costumers

    Customers love QR codes because they clearly make their lives easier. Now, there’s no need to write down web addresses or phone numbers or even recall visiting a website later. This is even more important when you are dealing with B2B businesses since they have time constraints.    

    • Enhances SEO and SMO

    Along with social media optimization (SMO), a payment QR code generator can also enhance your search engine optimization.

    • Can be Used as a ‘Call-to-Action’

    QR codes can be linked to various trailers, instructional videos, or other forms of media as a call-to-action. In fact, you can also link your QR codes to a “Call us’ or “Email us” text wherein scanning the QR codes allows users automatically call or email you. This can prove to be a great idea to launch a brand or for promotional deals. For instance, when the user scans your code, they immediately get a discount.

    Multiply your Business with Razorpay QR Codes

    Now that you are aware of the benefits of a payment QR code generator, you must be wondering which payment service provider offers the best QR codes. Well, Razorpay lets you choose from its multiple features to get a QR code that is best suited for your business.



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