9 unexplored hill stations in India


When we talk about the hill stations in India, only 2-3 names comes in our mind and next thing we do is book a flight to the luxurious hill stations around the globe. However, there are few hill stations which requires an attention by us and are very much unexplored but beautiful at the same time.

1. Baijnath

Baijnath, a town in Kangara, Himachal Pradesh is famous for it’s temple of Shiva. It’s scenic beauty is mesmerizing due to the mountain streams and the Dhauladhar ranges. It’s nearby places such as Awahi Nag temple, Mutuk Nath temple, the Mahankal temple etc are some of the tourist attractions.

2. Chamba

Chamba Himachal Pradesh is situated on the banks of river Ravi. It is popular for hosting the 2 fairs: Minjar Mela and Suhi Mata Mela. It’s famous for its art and craft. It’s Pahari paintings are stunning. The best time to visit Chamba is from March to June. Some of the places to visit are: Bhuri Bhuri Museum, Chamunda Devi Temple, Gandhi Gate etc.

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3. Chail

Chail, Himachal Pradesh is known for its architecture and adventure sports. Main tourists attractions are: Chail Gurdwara, Chail Military school, Cricket ground etc. Other things to explore in this beautiful place is : Flying Fox, Rope walk, Tyre Bridge, Rock Rappelling, Burma Bridge etc.


This beautiful place in Kangara district, Himachal Pradesh is known for its scenic beauty due to the Dhauladhar ranges. The main tourists attractions are Shindi Temple, Bakluddu Cave, Lakshmi temple, Khabrotu Cave etc.

5. Kalpa

Kalpa is a small town in Kinnaur district, Himachal Pradesh, known for its apple orchards. It is a beautiful paces to be in and one feels as if sitting in the lap of nature. Some places to visit are: Buddhist temple, Reckong Peo, Kothi.

6. Khajjiar

Khajjiar located in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh is known as the nature’s best friend as it is surrounded by forests and meadows. It is popularly known as Mini-Switzerland due to its tropical resemblance with Switzerland. The places of interests here are: Khajjiar temple, Khajjiar Lake. One can also enjoy trekking here and view beautiful camping sites.

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7. Sarahan

Sarahan is a small village in Himachal Pradesh known for its demand of apples. It’s famous Bhimakali temple is the best tourists attraction. Few other places to visit are: Hawa Ghar, Stadium, King’s and Queen palace. It is best to visit from April-July.

8. Rewalsar

Rewalsar is situated in the Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. It is generally pleasant in summers whereas freezing otherwise. It is a place of welcoming all the religions. Its best places to visit are Rewalsar Lake, a zoo in Rewalsar, ‘Seven lakes'(above Rewalsar) etc. It has it’s connectivity to air, rail and road which helps the tourists to travel easily.

9. Thaneek Pura

thaneek pura
It is situated in the Una district in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by the western Himalaya. Apart from its spell-bound beauty it is best known for its temples such as Radha-Krishna temple, Mahiya Sidh temple, Guga Zahar veer temple. Other places to visit are: Bazaar, Ancient Heritage Deep Well. Forest Camping, Nature walk and trekking are also a part of this city.