9 types of friend we all have in our college life.


Ahh… College brings back such good memories. Bunking the classes, making fun of teachers and most important of all, the victorious feeling of being thrown out of class (after a heated argument with the teacher :P). Come on, we have all been thrown out of the class at some point during our college! Such good times. Ever wondered what made those times so good? Why our friends of course. we meet different types of friend who were with us from the start till the end (most of them I hope).

Check out our 9 types of friend we usually encounter in our colleges.

  1. The Late Comer: The one who is always late : This one person is always late no matter what you do, even if he/she is not sleeping. You usually end up waiting at least an hour for them and you usually (no, always) tell them to come early ( but only to be disappointed). Not to mention, they will come late to the class obviously (but everybody’s late to the class, right.
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2.Imitator:The one who will mimic anybody and everybody (including you!). This person knows how to enact everybody (always been a mystery as to how). Their act will definitely make you double up with laughter.

3.Non-stop Eater:The one who eats a lot or never stops eating (or so it seems). This person is never full, there is always room for one more thing. No matter how much they eat, they always say that they are hungry (avoid throwing a party with these people around, that is if you want to save your food and your money :P).

4.Joker: The one who is the butt of all the jokes. Yes, we all have that one person in our group who is always pranked. Poor being.

5.The Sad Guy:The one who is always sad (and usually this is because of some girl or boy). No matter how much we tell them to move on or to stop thinking, they won’t. What’s worse is they will also suck us into their gloom.

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6.Honest student :The one who is afraid of the professors. Usually, this is the only person who does all the assignments, completes all the files and yeah, studies everything before exams. The rest of us, well you know, we copy :p.

7.Wikipedia :The one who knows everything about everybody (the professors, your fellow mates). This is the person you go to when you want ‘information’ on somebody (in most cases, that somebody is a girl). No need to remind you that the information is ALWAYS false.

8.The Planner:The one who is over-excited about everything. This is the person who plans all the trips and the group activities (L-A-M-E). And of course, this is the friend who gets into all sorts of arguments with everybody.

9.The Absent-minded :And then there is Jon Snow, i.e., the one who knows nothing :P. This person is only physically present but mentally, this person is absent. As a result, this person knows nothing of what is going on – the latest gossip, the latest couples (and ex-couples), and the list is endless.

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Here ends the list of types of friend. No matter how they are, they are your friends and they do have a heart of gold ( It is the heart that really matters). It is because of them that you have such fond memories of college. Each one of them has a special place in our hearts. So read on and relive your college memories :).