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9 tips to manage your LinkedIn Profile


Ever since its inception in the year 2003, LinkedIn slowly but surely managed to enjoy cult status among various job applicants and potential recruiters. Apart from being a top notch online resume creator, it has got that extra jazz to transform itself into a career management resource. Lamentably, many job aspirants do not pay attention to its rising importance. They focus only on the mainstream hard copy resumes. As a consequence, they are doing away with an important benefit. Information is an important part of gaining power. So, every potential job seeker should make the best of LinkedIn profile. A decent profile in resume is bound to bring appreciation. After-all it is a promising confidence building measure.


Here are a few points that explain its importance:

  1. Branding Tool:

In an interview, every potential job seeker does his/her best to market himself/herself. So, what do you think is the key to grabbing the attention of recruiters? To all intents and purposes, an awesome profile on LinkedIn is the answer. Your association with recruiters can enhance your career prospects in a pleasant way.

  1. Connections:

By staying in touch with other job applicants, you may appreciate an air of harmony that will lighten the atmosphere considerably. Most importantly, you can be in the same right track by simulating the likes of other job seekers and potential employees.

  1. Picking up the Pace:

A lackadaisical approach may actually throw you into a dither and leave you at the back of the pack. To have an edge over your other competitors, you have to pick up the pace and look for new ways to get ahead. Your overall efficiency has the potential to increase dramatically.

  1. Being Professional:

Being professional is all about taking stock of situations and assessing long term consequences of our actions beforehand. It is important that you sort out all the things and completely tie up any loose ends. Should all the circumstances favor your progress, you can go that extra mile by jotting down your professional accomplishments in your LinkedIn resume.

  1. Manifestation of Perfection:

According to a popular survey, LinkedIn has more than 300 million registered users. Interestingly, around 240 million users are active job seekers and potential recruiters. Most importantly, around 3 million companies from every nook and corner of the world have official LinkedIn company pages. These facts bespeak its cult status. So, don’t you think that LinkedIn is one of the best places to get hired?

Here a few tips to manage your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Customized URL:

It is imperative that you create your own customized URL rather than clinging on to the URL provided by LinkedIn. So, simply put, you have to wrest the initiative of having a customized URL. Well, how to get one? On the Edit profile screen, a combination of numerals is visible. This is the Public URL that LinkedIn provides to its registered users. Without any second thought, click ‘Edit’ and specify your desired URL address. Once you are done with the editing part, click Set Custom URL.

  1. Embed a Professional Looking Photograph:

Potential recruiters prefer job applicants who have sleek photographs in their respective profiles. A professional looking photograph adds a dash of verve and vigor to your already glittering LinkedIn profile. It coveys your passion and charm for carving a niche for yourself in industry sector.

  1. Do not Clutter:

Do not clutter your LinkedIn profile with unnecessary details. Cut through all the clutter and the hype and contextualize the needful. It is necessary that all the achievements be put in black and white on LinkedIn. For example, if you have a research paper that bespeaks your research oriented attitude, attach the paper to your profile. If there are any captivating presentations, create a profile in SlideShare and embed the SlideShare link to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Communities and Groups:

By acquainting yourself with the latest trends in industry sector, you may transcend the horizons of imagination. There is virtually no end and no limit to the expansiveness of playing a vital cameo in communities and groups. More often than not, it is suggested to follow successful employers and target specific communities. Communities and groups add extra finishing touches to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Endorsements:

To many, endorsements do not mean anything productive. This misconception rose to the fore very recently. Well, most recruiters are never too quick to judge someone’s skills by seeing their endorsements. However, they pay attention to details. Endorsements are a finite way of presenting your forthright skill set.

  1. Headline:

Headline should convey the people what you really do. It should be witty, catchy and appreciable. It should never be a paragraph. Rather, a line should suffice and serve the purpose. Here is an example eloquently explaining the same:

Raghavendra P, MBA from IIM-A: Chief Marketing Consultant at McKinsey ●Creating, enhancing and scripting the success stories of generations to come.

  1. Multi-media:

Not many applicants show interest in incorporating any audio and video clips in their LinkedIn profiles. Perhaps, not many have an inkling of this feature. Videos and pictures can make your achievements all the more conspicuous. Make the best use of this feature and apportion some place for incorporating the videos and pictures.

  1. Summary:

A summary should convey your ideology and perspective. It should be sweet, simple and comprehendible. Use a few stats and be warm and welcoming.  Indicate the key skills, qualifications and awards. In addition, include a bottom line to make it more appealing.

  1. Add your Blog:

If you have a WordPress blog, it is highly recommended to add it to your LinkedIn profile. Blogs clearly reflect your passion and interests. So, cultivate a habit of having one. Blogs can wield the baton of magic and do magic. If you manage you strike a nice tandem with recruiters by penning your thoughts on latest trends in industry sector, your chances of getting hired are enhanced.

With loftiest pride, let me conclude with a wise saying, “First deserve it and then desire it.” So, it becomes pivotal that you have the required skills. Fabricating skills on LinkedIn will never fetch you a job. So be honest while marketing yourself on LinkedIn!



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