9 Tips For Self Improvement


Breaking old habits and making new ones always takes time but it’s worth in the end said Joyce Mayor. Nothing is constant except change. So make sure you are adaptable to the ever changing lifestyle and world. There are multitudinous number of personality development centres, career launchers and Baba’s even to show you the way but ultimately it’s you who has to unleash the real power within. Here are few tips for self-improvement to meet the better you.

1. Conquer the Hurdles of Fear


Fears are those which bar you from growing. All of us do fear for many reasons like public speaking, fear of outcomes and many more. But remember a simple thing that there is a high scope to develop in the topics you fear. The more you fear the more you need to develop. A little effort added with guts makes the work all the way easier.

2.  Start Playing Strategic Games 

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Maybe a game like chess! Your strategic skills will boost up while you are busy enjoying the game. Other games like Sudoku,War craft can also be of great help. But ya it may not tone your abs but definitely ignites your creativity.

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3. Stop Watching TV and Go Grab a Book

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Many of us glue to this idiotic box but it’s of no good. Rather if we take out a book we can stay more focused and hone our creativity and imagination. Many studies revealed the fact that watching tv kills your thinking process while even a simple six minutes reading  reduce the stress levels by two thirds. Read books which are out of your interests list and this can make your conversation much effective and the huge library in your mind makes you a fun person to hang out with.

4. Learn A New Language


Spend some time in learning a new language like German, French or Japanese which can make a positive impression in your professional career and also open the windows to a new vivid culture and everlasting memories.

5. Inculcate a New Hobby

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Developing new hobbies like golf, trekking, writing or anything beyond your comfort zone. This helps in pushing your boundaries higher in various aspects like emotionally or physically. With the hobbies list ever increasing you turn out to be more and more interesting.

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6. Plan your Future

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Imagine what you want to be in the forthcoming years. Make sure you meet a better and a new you. List down the targets you want to achieve however small it may be professionally and personally as well. An year or two is a good span and you will be surprised with the outcome.

7. Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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That’s not my cup of tea!! This is what many of us say when someone asks “Hey why can’t you try this”? and don’t give a second thought. Just because it’s out of your comfort zone you can’t stagnate yourself. Buck up and move on! Throw yourself out of your limited circle and welcome the better world.

8. Identify your Flaws


These are the areas of improvement. You might be aware or even unaware but eventually in the process of self realization you get to know what your actual flaws are. It’s all in you to make it or break it. Remember!

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9. Raise Your Bar

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Be tougher than ever. Start meditating to boost your levels of concentration. Befriend those who are finer than you in any aspect. If there is any slice of past stagnating your present and interfering the future then the fear of risk is too high. Just let it be and move on! Remember the fact that you can’t impress everyone around you. So forgive yourself and the haters which at least makes you feel light hearted.