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9 things you need to do with your mom if you are soon getting married


When the time comes of getting being separated from parents and turn up into a new phase of life called ‘marriage’, you realise that the most amazing and adorable woman of your life is your mom. The true value of parents is only realised when you think about getting being separated from her. It’s never too late to relish those special moments again with your mom. Mom is the only true friend of yours which always think about your happiness even at bad times. You start feeling miserable when you won’t find lap of your mother to cry anymore, hug her when you feel alone, enjoying the moments of having ice-cream and sometimes gajar ka halwa during winters under blanket and many more.


But it’s never too late now; girls can enjoy again with her mom though only a couple of days left in your hand. Here we go…

1.  Have a Girls day out for shopping or which your mom likes the most – Spend one whole day for shopping. Take her to all the outlets she likes the most. Buy her everything of her choice; from clothes to cosmetics, from footwear to handbags and all that she has a desire for. Surprisingly gift her something which she likes the most or you can give her surprises every hour on that day to make her feel more specia

2.  Relax and rejuvenate together as its wedding in your house – Visit parlour and make her feel more relaxing. Take full body massage; facial; try new hair style which suits the best on her and many more. This will give her a full day relax from head till toe as there are very few days when mom spends time on her beauty. You both need it too as there is a wedding in your house and makes your bond even more strong.

3.  Opt for an outstation trip with your mom for a week or more – Take her to the place where she wants to visit from very long time. This makes her even happier and she finds some time to relax herself from day to day household work. On a trip keep on chit chatting, click lots of photograph for more memories, every day had her favourite dishes, give her surprise which can be in form of gifts and many more. All these together make her feel more special for you.

4.  Coffee with childhood videos and photographs; marriage ceremony photographs – Prepare the coffee in the way she likes. Enjoy coffee while watching videos of your birthdays or photographs of your childhood and keep on chit chatting on hilarious things which you use to do during your childhood. Keep on discussing all the moments enjoyed together. Listen to the humours wedding tales from her enjoying coffee over it.

5.  Complete one desire of your mom or do one thing which she always wishes from you – Every person desires of doing something extraordinary or something she likes the most to do frequently. Try to figure out one of her desire which she wants to do and try your level best to fulfil it. This makes her feel even more special. As this thing will definitely gives her inner happiness.
6.  Learn one of your favourite dishes from her which makes your mouth watering – Collect all ingredients of your favourite dish and tell mom to teach every single step for making it. This is one the best moment which is always enjoyed in mother and daughter relationship. Surprising make that dish on some other day to make her feel joyful.
7.  Take her for a long drive or at some dhaba to talk endlessly and refreshing yourself – Make a plan on pleasant day for a long drive as it suits the best. Keep on chit chatting on useless talks and tell her to share their experiences of her married life. Share all embarrassing moments of your childhood with her. Keep on talking endlessly as your mother is your only childhood friend to whom you can share everything.  

8.  Lay down your head on her lap and take a small nap – To relax yourself from hectic and a very tiring day, put your head on mom’s lap. It would be a great feeling when moms pat her hand on your head and keep on singing a soft music which relaxes your mind. All this together makes your mind peaceful and allow you to venture into the field of dreams.

9.  Take yourself or give her a nice chumpy sitting on a chair on a sunny day or in the warm winter day – This is one of the special moments which mom and daughter shared. This gives her more relaxing and making her mind peaceful.

Many more things we can do for our mom before getting married. These things will definitely give them inner happiness and more time to spend with you. After getting married everyone will get busy in her life and their respective household works. Doing all this give you a break to enjoy with your family and doing preparation of wedding too.  



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