9 Tallest Buildings In India




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A common man’s creative power has been an icon for these tallest skyscrapers in India.The zeal to fondle sky came into reality in the form of a building.Its flawless towering  ignites the delightful experience of living.

The aspiring buildings of giant heights give us a feel of touching sky,and were named as skyscrapers. Their scenic beauties  and creative architecture made them the heritage of India.ancient remanings of buildingsFormally buildings were found from 18000 BC,which was reported  by “Shinichi Fujimura” a leading  archaeologist in japan ,he quoted that a  shelter was built 500000 years ago.A united nations report called “world urbanization prospects says that in the coming years India will witness most urban growth and that by 2050,India is projected to add 404 million urban dwellers.

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This states that more and more people need shelter to stay and offices to work.To counter this problem construction of buildings had emerged,lack of space lead to the expansion of vertical buildings rather than land area.After industrialization gained its prominence,many large industries ,commercial buildings has taken its shape and the boom of real estate has emerged.their was a  need to create safe, secure and  sustainable buildings.Besides altering the architectural landscape, the skyline,skyscrapers  would make economic use of space and minimize urban sprawl.

Mumbai being the commercial capital of India,along that it is the city with 12 highest number of skyscrapers in the world . Most of the skyscrapers in Mumbai are residential.As  it has largest number of super tall towers and skyscrapers in the world it can be called the hub of tallest buildings.

1st tallest building: IMPERIAL TOWERS

imp 2

The imperial towers were six among the earliest light houses built on lake Huron.The designation imperial was not certain,but historian speculate that because the towers was for public construction built under the colonial administration,it was named as imperial.Its former name was S D towers.they are in south Mumbai,it is a twin tower residential complex.They offer superior quality service.

specifications :

  • NAME : Imperial towers
  • LOCATION : MP hills compound Tardeo,Mumbai,India.
  • HEIGHT : 254 M (833 FT) ,No of  floors : 61 .
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential , constructed in year 2010 by architect Hafeerz.
  • OWNER : S.D corporation pvt.Ltd 

2nd tallest building : AHUJA TOWERS

Ahuja towers is one of the popular residential developments in Prabhavi ,Mumbai.It is constructed by Ahuja ahuja towerconstruction company.designed by P&T group,it has two adjoining towers of 20,000 sqm.It features a 10 story car park and has its first condo starting on the 14th floor,guaranteeing spectacular panoramic views of Mumbai and the Indian ocean.the latest skyscraper proposed for Mumbai’s rapidly growing Worli skyline, Ahuja group aims to be one of the tallest residential buildings in Mumbai.

specifications :

  • NAME : Ahuja towers.
  • LOCATION : RB Amant Desai Marg,Prabhadavi,Mumbai.
  • HEIGHT: 249 M , No of floors: 55.
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential,constructed in year 2014.
  • CONSTRUCTED BY : Ahuja construction company.
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3rd tallest building : WORLD CREST

It is another vital tower that joins the ranks of most remarkable structures of the world.world cerstit is a destination unto itself,which has set the benchmark for urban palling in the country.world crest is one of the 3 iconic residential towers at Lodha place,stands in a league of its own.it is a tribute to the collective vision of greatest talent in the world.there are luxury lifestyles and  their living experiences would surpass every known benchmark.

specifications :

  • NAME : world crest
  • LOCATION  : upper Worli,Mumbai,Maharashtra.
  • HEIGHT : 223 M(732 ft),No of floors : 57
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential,constructed in the year : 2014.
  • CONSTRUCTED BY : lodha group.

4th tallest building : D B ENCLAVE

D B was constructed by D B reality limited. It is a real estate industry leader that hasdb enclave build a strong reputation of excellence through its quality residential,commercial and gated community developments.D B enclave has great locations and superb amenities.

Specifications :

  • NAME : D B enclave.
  • LOCATION : kamathipura,Mumbai central,Maharashtra.
  • HEIGHT : 210 M(689 ft) , No of floors : 50 ,with 2 blocks.
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential,constructed in the year : 2014.
  • CONSTRUCTED BY : D B reality.

5th tallest building : KOHINOOR SQUARE

It was one of the first skyscraper in India to do leadership in energy and environmental design.kohinoor_square It took image of environmental sustainability  .It is a commercial tower with residences and malls.

Specifications :

  • NAME : Kohinoor square commercial towers.
  • LOCATION : Shivaji park,Mumbai,India.
  • HEIGHT : 203 M(666 ft),  No of floors : 52,constructed in the year : 2013.
  • BUILDING TYPE : mixed use.
  • OWNED  AND CONSTRUCTED BY : kohinoor group.

6th tallest building : ASHOK TOWERS D

These towers provide luxury apartments with world-class amenities.ashok towers dit is a project  by peninsula who were the developers in transforming the industrial belt of Parel into a modern city. Ashok towers emerged as a vision of modernity with a heavenly look that changed the face of Parel city.

Specifications :

  • NAME : Ashok towers D.
  • LOCATION : lower Parel Mumbai,India.
  • HEIGHT : 193 M(633 ft),No of floors : 49
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential,constructed in the year : 2009.
  • CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE BY : peninsula land limited.
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7th tallest building : RUBY MILLS TOWER

Ruby mills Ltd is textile mill mainly manufacturing cottons which was owned by government.ruby mils tower                                          In order to make way for new residential and commercial buildings as a part of modernization in Mumbai,Ruby mills tower was redeveloped and now,it is the northern most high-rise skyscraper in Mumbai which was  designed by NY based FXFowle architects.

Specification :

  • NAME : Ruby mills tower.
  • LOCATION : Senapati bapat marg,Dadar,Mumbai.
  • HEIGHT : 191 m(627 ft),No of floors : 40.
  • BUILDING TYPE : commercial

8th tallest building : ORCHID WOODS

It is a three tower complex with beautiful views of Arabian sea around,orchid woods located in Goregaon Mumbai.It is a short distance away from western express highway and the airport.It offers élite residents and the luxuries of size and space,constructed by D B reality pvt Ltd.

Specifications :

  • NAME : Orchid woods.
  • LOCATION : Goregaon ,Mumbai,India.
  • HEIGHT : 190 m (623 ft), No of floors : 55.
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential,year of construction : 2013.
  • CONSTRUCTED BY : D B reality pvt ltd.

9th tallest building : LODHA BELLISSIMO

It is the Mumbai’s finest residential development with all luxuries and world-class amenities.lodha bellission the name”Ballissimo” suggests beautiful in Italian,with  brilliant architecture and its wave-like roof on the top adds up a stunning look to the tower.it has large pristine landscape terrain and surrounded with recreational garden to the east,ocean beyond to the west.

Specifications :

  • NAME : Lodha bellissimo
  • LOCATION : mahalaxmi,Mumbai.
  • HEIGHT : 186 M (610 ft),No of floors 51.
  • BUILDING TYPE : residential, year of construction : 2012
  • CONSTRUCTED BY : lodha group.