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9 romantic things for couples to do in Shimla


Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is also known as the Queen of Hill Stations. This becomes an apt title bestowed on this city which attracts thousands of tourists each year with its cool climate, green hills and stunning landscape. After lie in the city, a brief holiday or vacation in Shimla unclutters the mind and revitalizes the entire body and its functions. Although a trip to this hill station is highly recommended to people of all age group, the place holds special attraction and fascination for couples- be it youngsters in a romantic relationship or stable, happily married couples. Shimla seems to give the life of couples a zing, a refreshing turn which few other places in India can match.

Here are 9 romantic things that couples can do while they are on their visit the Hill Station of Shimla-

Rendezvous at Jakhoo Hill


Jakhoo Hill is the highest peak in Shimla and lies just 2 km away from the city. What can be more romantic than to spend some time with your soulmate while the majestic Himalayas fill the background with its snow-capped highs? It is also famous for the impressive bird’s-eye view it offers of the place it provides, as well as for its scenic beauty. Jakhoo Hill is one of the first places that people visiting Shimla head to, and are pleased to find their decision proven right. The Hill also has a large statue of the God Hanuman which may attract those with a religious bent of mind. Even otherwise, the place is quaint and pleasing.

Cosy time at Summer Hill

Summer Hill, situated at 1283 m above the sea level makes a part of the seven hills that together form Shimla. Anticipate breath-taking view of the valleys as you share unforgettable moments in the company of someone you desire so that the memory of this place always fills you with happiness on recollection. Summer Hill is also known as Potter’s Hill. The reason for this is its interesting history wherein potters used to frequent the spot for clay to make their pots. Summer Hill is filled with tourists who consider it to be among the best places to see while in Shimla.

A taste of serenity at Shimla Ridge

The Shimla Ridge, sometimes known as simply The Ridge is yet another destination in Shimla flocked by sight-seers and visitors. This is because it gives the individual a moment of serenity and calm in which to offer your partner gratitude and love and promises for similarly beautiful times. The Ridge runs on the West to meet the Scandal Point, and also contains examples architectural masterpieces and the Tudor Library, well-known throughout, and giving you a dash of the intellectual before you happen to leave the Queen of Hill Stations.

Amazing stay at Annandale

Annandale is located at about 4 km from the Ridge and features as an amazing spot in Shimla in its own right. Once a place for recreational sports like polo and cricket during the time of the British, Annandale retains its power to charm and put you in comfort with its spreading greenery and settled atmosphere. Definitely a mandatory stay-in for couples who wish to explore the hidden treasures of this attractive region. It does not disappoint in its ability to spell-bind tourists visiting for the first time.

A walk to remember at Chadwick Falls

The magnificent Chadwick Falls is captivating to its visitors at the very first sight. The sparkling water flowing amongst clear green hills and pine trees around is a gift to anyone looking for the best time. Take a stimulating walk here with your better half to feel nature at its best, making you wonder why it took so long for the two of you to plan this trip together. Chadwick Falls is almost a still from a classical painting in its essential novelty. The monsoon season replenishes the Falls with fresh water each year, also attracting birds to the area.

Horse riding at Naldehra Peak

Naldehra Peak gives tourists an opportunity to practice horse riding in the lap of snow-covered hills and blue clouds. This hill station is situated 2044 m above the sea level, at a great height. The place is inspiring enough to have made Lord Curzon set up a golf course here. Witnessing the sunrise from Naldehra Peak instils a sense of feeling one with the peaceful aura around. You will find time to notice and appreciate the subtle moods of nature that you never had the time to acknowledge before.

Informative visit to Daranghati Sanctuary

Spread over 167 km and located in the upper area of Shimla, Daranghati Sanctuary is home to rich wildlife. Covered with forests and trees, it once was a hunting reserve for the royal family of Shimla. The Sanctuary offers an informative stay, and enriches your knowledge of Shimla’s rich and varied culture and wildlife. After all, you can spare some time while in holidays to polish the cultured side of you, in the company of who other than your lover and mate.

Kufri adventure

The hill station of Kufri is the star-attraction to the adventurous of heart visiting Shimla. Located at the Himalayan foothills, Kufri gives a panoramic view of the area. It is the most suitable place for someone to explore and rewind. Tourists come toKufri expecting to find nature at its very pleasing and delightful mood, and they return with a feeling of contentment, looking to revisit and relive the same experience again.

Relax at Shaily Peak

Shaily Peak is another destination close to Naldehra Peak that is flocked by people looking to get away from the din and bustle of the conventional life. Here you can put on the music of your choice while you feast your eyes on the best that life at hill stations are a part of. Shaily Peak invites you with its romantic setting and magical quality.



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