9 Reasons why Bangalore is the best city in India


Though India has various cities, Bangalore has gained more importance for its metropolitan culture and one of the largest clusters of I.T Industry in the country has attracted many people to live and work in this city. We consider Bangalore is the best city in the whole continent for its greenery, weather, food, Workplaces and public transport.

Trust me once you come to Bangalore, it’s really hard to leave the city.

We are sharing 9 reasons why we think Bangalore is the best city in India.

1. Clean and Green


Yes. You heard it right! Indian cities can be clean. Bangalore is CLEAN and Bangalore is Green. You have some of the most amazing Gardens here in Bangalore and even if you do not get the time to visit one you can find so much of greenery across the city. It is such a pleasing sight to see houses having huge trees, streets with so much of greenery.

You can blame that on the educated crowd that Bangalore nurtures.

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2. Women find it a lot safer than other cities


And with other cities, we seriously mean ANY city.You can come from any other part of India and experience for yourself the liberty which Bangalore has in store for you. You can take a walk at Brigade Road at 11:30 pm, get drunk and still reach home safely. No one cares what clothes you’re wearing. You attract lesser attention from onlookers no matter what you do and where you are unlike the other parts of India.

3. BMTC rules! 


Delhi has Metro. Bangalore has BMTC! You can always get cheap and safe rides here in Bangalore. You don’t really need to spend 200 bucks for going to UB city from Kormangala. You can always take a bus which will take you there for some 20-30 bucks. Bangalore also has lesser traffic as compared to other metro cities.

4. You North Indians have never eaten a Dosa!


Dosa? The one you’ve been getting in your hostel for the past 2-3 months, that’s what you call a dosa? You’ve not eaten a dosa if you’ve never been to the numerous hotels that serve the delicious South Indian Snack. If you really have to have the taste of this South Indian delicacy, come to Bangalore.

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5. Talk about Pubs or cool themed Restaurants


Bangalore has the most stylish themed restaurants that you will come across and a lot of Pubs scattered across the city will also catch your attention if you’re into music and alcohol. Ruh, Firaangi Pani, Silver Metro are just some of the few cool themed restaurants that you will find in Bangalore. People here take their food and wine very seriously. Don’t take my word for it. Come here and experience.

6. Amazing roads


Bangalore is a paradise if you love walking or jogging. It has one of the best roads in India. You can explore the city on foot and experience for yourself.

7. Talk about Weather!


Bangalore has an amazing weather! It stays pleasant throughout the year. You can never say when it will drizzle here in Bangalore and those drizzles make the weather a lot sexier!

8. Youngsters engaging in Spoken Word/Poetry/Theatre

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Bangaloreans are educated, they are always brimming with ideas and they regularly meet up at Spoken word events, poetry clubs and theatre clubs to pursue what people in other parts of India are either not aware of or find obsolete. The Theatre has survived in Bangalore, unlike most other Indian Cities.

9. Amazing stand-up comedy shows


Abhish Mathew or Kanan Gill? Who is your favourite? People at Bangalore regularly enjoy the numerous stand-up comedy artists which the city has given itself and if you come here for even a week or so you can be sure to find some good stand up comedy show happening near you.

Isn’t Bangalore the best?? 😀