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9 reasons your big brother’s the best friend ever! 


Your big brother’s your best friend. do you agree? The Tom and Jerry chase, the cats and dogs like bickering but the immense love and the fierce protection you feel towards him might have made you question what the hell is the matter with you guys. You don’t hate each other. It’s more of a ‘Frenemy’ kind of a thing. Well, despite all your differences, you’ll see that your big brother’s the best friend ever!

Confused as to how’s that possible? Here are 9 reasons:

1. He is your family.

The first and the foremost reason is that he’s your blood. Meaning he belongs to the same clan of species you were born into. So he knows all the quirks and ways of the family, their ways, their moods, and also has inherited the same dysfunctional genes as you. Who else would understand your tantrums, whims and wishes better than the one who throws them around too?

2. He has always been there.

Since he’s family, he has always been there right from the time you belted out your first cry when you came into this world. He has seen you shit, vomit, laugh, giggle, make a mess, take your first step, your  first fallen tooth, your first injury, your first day at school, your first toy, your friends, hangouts, boyfriends/girlfriends, he has seen it all. Suffice to say he can write a book on your life with all the humiliating and gory details highlighted.

3. He has experienced it all himself.

The first scary day of school, the disparity of leaving your parents, making new friends, first broken toy, first disappointment when you don’t get what you want, crushes, lying, secrets, be it anything, he has been there and done that. So, he understands your state of mind and your wishes no matter how weird or impossible you might think they are.

4. He is your go to guide.

And since he has experienced whatever you feel, think and go through beforehand, he acts as your pathfinder, your guide in every matter there is. What school, what subjects, what sports, dress, books, music, friends, relationship, etc, you look to him to help you in figuring it all out and he does help too.

5. He is your secret keeper.

Whom else is a better candidate to trust your secrets with than the person who knows you and who himself has secrets that you can have as a leverage over him. ;) He knows your test marks, your hangout spots, your crushes, your cover ups (sometimes he helps you with it), your fights, basically all about you that you don’t want your parents to find out about. Hell, he’ll help you bury a dead body and not breathe a word to a single soul if necessary!

6. Most of your best memories include him.

From childhood days to teenage escapades, most of your best times were spent with him. Be it playing with your favorite toy, watching your favorite cartoon, favorite food, sneaking away to different places, all the family get togethers, all of them have one thing in common- your brother dearest.

7. He gives the best gifts!

He has seen you grow up. He has seen your likes flitting from one to another like a restless bee. So he has a pretty great idea of what is that one thing that will make you swoon and touch your heart. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or raksha bandhan, or just a random I saw this and thought of you gift, he hands down gives the most amazing gifts ever.

8. His fiercely protective nature.

” I can say or do whatever I want to my brother/sister, but dare anyone even lift a finger at them” this holds true for all the siblings out there. They push and pull and pick as many ever fights with you as they want but that’s only their right. If anyone else tries to even say a word against you, all hell breaks loose. The person is as good as dead! He is ready to break anyone’s bones if necessary.

9. He loves you.

What more do you need than that? He loves you to the core. You’re the one person whom he adores the most, the person he never wants to see crying or upset, the one he drags into his goof ups and the one he wants by his side forever.



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