9 Kind of people who deserve your “Thank You”



Wikipedia defines the expression “Thank You’ as:-

“An expression of gratitude or politeness, in response to something done or given.”

Thank you is one such word that is known to every individual. Power of thank you cannot be measured. A single “thank you” will earn you Respect, Care and most importantly Love. Saying thank you to someone after you take a favor or even give a favor is considered as a gesture of politeness. In our daily life we confront many situations where we must say Thank You but we miss it thinking that it is not necessary. But to your interest, the person you just ignored to say Thank You, the very expression is the biggest gift for him. Let’s look at 7 people we always miss saying Thank You..

  1. Delivery/Courier Boy

In this world where every 3rd person is interested in Online Shopping there is a major stratum of society that is taking up home delivery as their part time or full time job. Keeping aside the online shopping fact, we receive mails, bills etc. on daily basis. These delivery boys run on streets in scorching heat, heavy rains just to deliver the products on time. These guys lead a very difficult life and hence, whenever you receive a mail, bill or a dominos pizza next time, do not ever ..ever forget to say Thank You with a smile. This is what they aspire while they are waiting at your doorbell. :)pizza-delivery-18479395

  1. Chauffeurs

Gone were the days when we rarely saw an Audi or a BMW running in local. But with increasing urbanization, that rare sight has become a common thing to notice in the cities like Delhi. And with these imported cars, we also have a chauffeur that drives us to our destination and opens doors for us. On the list, they are the 2nd kind of people who deserve a Thank You as an expression of gratitude towards them.chauffeured-services

  1. Gatekeepers/Guards
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With increasing malls and showrooms in the cities, the numbers of gatekeepers and gate guards have increased gradually. Whenever we enter a mall, they are the ones who open the gates for us and welcome us with a smile and sometimes a salute too. Their job is to open the gates for everyone with a smiling face and hence in return they also deserve a Thank You as a token of respect.Apartment-Security-Guard

  1. Pantry boys or “Chotu”

With an increase in MNC’s and offices in metro cities, the numbers of pantry boys have also increased. They are more commonly known as “Chotu”. They are the ones who come running at your call for tea, coffee or cleaning your table so that you can work efficiently and comfortably. It is common to get mad at them at their silliest mistakes but it is rarely seen people treating them equally and giving them respect. They are tender hearted kids that work day and night, in both shifts at their full potential and can barely make square meals a day. Hence treating them nicely will earn you a very pure smile studded on their faces. Thank you to them is a must. And also, adding an Éclairs to this thank you would make these kids dance. keep-calm-and-make-chotu-happy

  1. Tele Company Callers

Although this is something everyone is frustrated of. No one needs any kind of health plans, discounted plans for cell phones or a life saving insurance, but everyone receives one call a day asking t0 buy those. We easily get frustrated and try to keep the phone as and when we recognize it is a Tele company call. But just think, is it the caller you should be angry at or is it the company? Those callers are just doing their jobs to earn food and shelter for their family. Why to get frustrated at them? Just calm down a bit, and say “Thank You, but we do not need anything”. That is all.fa5ce4e25f19003bfe7617cd0929800d02690fa32e33addefc596a7df7d6c61a

  1. Cab Drivers/ Rickshaw Pullers
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Travelling is another name for life. And to travel either we need our own vehicle or we hire one. Hired ones include cabs or rickshaws. We never even intend to pass a “Thank You” to this section of society, but their importance in the society is more than huge. One auto rickshaw strike and everyone is down on their knees. Hence, a thank you should be delivered to them.download

  1. Maids/Servants

Gone were the days when the scenario was like men go out to work and earn, while the ladies stay at home and manage all the household work. But now, most females are also interested in taking up jobs and becoming independent. Hence, to do the daily household cleaning and clearing dishes, we employ maids and servants. These people hardly make up for their living and lead a much tensed life. Saying a “Thank You” to them brings new enthusiasm in them to work.download (1)

  1. Shopkeepers

On daily basis we do shopping, small scale household shopping is commonly done by kids and housewives. Shopkeepers, who sit in their shops from the start of the day to the end of the day, miss out the fun and love of their family. They sit tight whole day long so that things are made available to you easily. Hence, whenever you shop, never miss out saying Thank You when you are done shopping. Who knows, it might even earn you an extra discount. :D

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  1. Friends and Family Members

Life doesn’t go on without the give and take. We reap as we sow. Throughout the day we are surrounded by our friends and family members. And life gives us enough opportunities where we give to them and also take from them. They don’t mind even if we miss saying thank you, but on the other hand, if we say thank you, the respect they have for us, increases. Hence, make it your habit.


Dhanyawaad” , “Shukriya” , “Merci” , “Thank You”  , whatever the language be, the emotions conveyed are same. Making this your habit will make you a better human being and the people around you will respect you. And respect is what every individual aspires to earn. :)