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9 Favourite Hang-out points of Lucknowites


Lucknow is well known as a city of NAWABS and KABABS  but one trait which is common among Lucknowites is their hang out methods. Whether  we talk about students  who have their heads in ten different places, college friends gang, group of office pen-pals or any family all these people love to keep themselves away from stress of their busy schedule by going for a hang out at these common and reckoned places at Lucknow

 Pheonix United Mall:

For most of the residents of Lucknow who aren’t living in posh areas like Gomti Nagar or Hazratganj, Pheonix United Mall is the best place for hanging out any time .The common facts why the mall is most liked place of youngsters are that , for them,it is

#Best place to give birthday treat to college buddies


# Plan a get together with  college besties

#Selfie with the diversified and beautiful art work that gets showcased at every occasion

Water Parks:

Water Parks  are the most preferred picnic spot by the water-ride lovers. From toddlers to teens, from party dudes to grandparents, everyone loves to have their share of fun in this gem of a park. Besides water fun there’s also souvenir shop, VIP Zone, dairy bar, cafeteria, restaurant, Bar, lounge chairs, plenty of room that is of course an excitement galore for boring vacations. Every inch of place is injected with fun that’s why water parks at Lucknow whether we talk about Aamrapali or Anandi both are regarded as the best places by lucknowites to beat the scorching heat of summers.

Aamrapali Water Park:


Anandi Water Park:

In the scorching heat  people with their friends and family love to get some splashing dose of entertainment only at Anandi Water Park.

#Aaj blue hai pani pani pani……..

aur din bhi sunny sunny sunny ……..


Hazratganj is not only a market, but also a representative of the city’s rich heritage and culture. True essence of the Nawabi era can be relished completely by spending an eve at this place.As the marketplace witnessed 100 years of its completion, a massive changeover is seen here in European style designed buildings. In order to bring uniformity the complete area has been repainted in same colour-coordinated theme of cream and pink, benches are fixed at every few metres along with elegant European style lampposts and fountains and railings that replicate the Victorian age broad walk. This beautification was given to uplift and restore its dying popularity. The idea to restore the place back in its ancient and traditional look along with a touch of modernity is liked by most of the shopaholics and fun lovers. Lucknowites prefer to hang out with friends at renovated hazratganj market place or in Sahara Ganj mall situated here

Sahara Ganj Mall:

After having roam around ganj. People either enjoy at mall or catch some coffee at cafe coffee day or catch the latest released movies at Inox, PVR, Fun etc.

Fun Republic Mall:

Marine Drive:

Apart from the areas filled with rush and bustle, residents of Lucknow find Marine Drive, a quite place for fun and loads of masti with friends or family.

Ambedkar  park:


These were the common place but a new trend of hang out that started recently by the authoritarian initiative to make people live out large and forgot the hustle and bustle of their lives is “Ganjing Carnival”

Ganjing Carnival:

Lucknowites comprehend the ravishment of the Sunday evening at the ganjing carnival.As the hazratganj marketplace has witnessed 100 years of its completion, a massive changeover in European style designed buildings, 200+ year-old elite shopping and entertainment zone has seen quite a happening past. So to give it a new blend, the District Administration of Lucknow gave back Lucknow its old charm of the Mughal era and the Victorian feel for this they planned the Ganjing Carnival, encapsulating almost all the lineaments of the Hazratganj of the bygone era.

The transformation that began at Sunday morning of the July month  lead everyone awe struck at the evening. The excitement among the crowds was worth taking a note. It was an initiative that was taken to bring the city together for not only reviving the good old days but to inculcate togetherness, joy, laughter, song and what not to count, among the clan and the kin, but coming together of 30,000 souls on a hot summer evening in the heart of the city was surely one unexpected thing to witness. The scorching heat was of no good to keep the enthusiasm of the Youngers to a restricted zone or timing. The city saw the best of fashion and spirit combined in that one evening. The cherry on the cake was a remarkable management of the show with no report of crime or any kind of uneventful circumstances.

The duration of Ganjing Carnival from 5:00 PM till 10:00 PM with the setup of a central stage at the main crossroad for music and dance performance, was enough to take away hearts of millions by dazzling decoration and performances. Food court, photo exhibition, selfie zone, art gallery, nukkad natak, flash mobs, kid zone, show your talent are just a few to name. You name it and you’ll find it at one or the other place in the overall scenario. The place was not just perfect for the fun lovers but was of equally lively for the food lovers this makes it icing on the cake. Here the youngsters enjoy music and dance, the aged relive their memories of 90s.

The fun filled evening not only entertained but also gave city a chance to meet a few exciting and enlightening campaigns and programmes. Where some youngsters shaking their head over the grooving music while other bunch of youngsters was volunteering for Global Dreams, spearheading a campaign to make Lucknow fully literate and propagating the message of- ‘Each One, Teach One’ among the visitors to eradicate illiteracy.

The event was such a huge success among the citizen of Lucknow that the district administration decided to hold it once a month during summers and twice a month during rainy season and winters.

Fun for all….

All for one!!




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