9 countries with a woman on their currency


Everybody has looked at a paper currency atleast once in their lives (obviously!). What did you notice? For most of us the answer is the picture of a male. That male can be any prominent personality with historical significance. But, why not a woman? Where there no woman leaders, or what else is the reason? Well, we won’t be getting this answer anytime soon, but there are certain countries in the world where there are women on the paper currency. Hooray to them! Here is a list of some of those countries.

  1. Syria – This nation is the strongest example. Even after being smack right in the middle of the civil war and suffering because of the militant group ISIS, the nation outran many countries and put a woman on their paper currency. The image is of the Syrian Queen Zenobia and is found on the 500 pound note.
  2. Philippines – Corazon Aquino’s image was added to the currency after she died in 2009. She was the first female president in Philippines and Asia. She shares the 500 peso note with her late husband, Beningo Acquino Jr. philippine-500-peso
  3. Mexico – This country features Frida Kahlo on the back of 500 peso note. Kahlo’s husband, Diego Rivera is on the front of the bill. mexico-500-peso-note
  4. New Zealand – This was the world’s first nation to guarantee women’s voting rights. This happened in 1883. Now, the country’s 10 dollar note has the image of Kate Sheppard, the most famous suffragette of New Zealand. nz-10-bill1
  5. Turkey – There is an image of a woman on Turkey’s 50 lira note. The woman is Fatma Aliye Topuz, an author and a woman’s right activist. turkey
  6. Argentina – The 100 peso bill features the former First Lady Eva Peron. Another 20 peso note features Manuela Rosas along with Juan Manuel de Rosas, her father. Manuela was a 19th century political activist of Argentina and her father was a politician. arc
  7. Japan – Japan’s 5000 yen note features Ichiyo Higuchi. She was Japan’s first prominent female writer. Her work greatly impacted the Japanese literature. japan
  8. Australia – Australia’s 100 dollar bill features Nellie Melba. She was a Soprano opera singer and one of the most famous, in the 20th century. australia
  9. England – Queen Elizabeth II is already featured at the front of the paper currency. Now another leading lady is going to join the list. Jane Austen will be featured on the back of a 10 pound note. It will be out in mid-2016. Mark Carney Launches New U.K. Banknote
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So these are a few of the countries which feature a woman on their paper currency. There are a few more. More and more countries should start featuring women on their currencies, doesn’t have to be a leading lady, it can be any woman.