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9 best places to visit in Dubai


From skyscrapers and tallest buildings to skiing and deserts,this place is full of fun,craziness,wildness and loving people around.Dubai has the widest,the deepest experience one could really get in their lifetime.It has the world’s most tallest and largest gallery almost in every fields whether in buildings,man made architectures,7 star hotels etc.

Let us check out the beautiful places that is a must to visit in Dubai:

  1. At The Top – Burj Khalifa 

Dubai has many tall and special designed shaped buildings all over the city among which Burj Khalifa is one of the tallest building to experience.Imagine how does it feel to stand in level 124 floors(which is the toppest floor permitted for tourists)and see the beauty of Dubai where you can see complete desert in one side and the city on the other with amazing buildings,sea,roads etc..Isn’t it ironical where u can see both sea and a desert in one place?

2. The Palm Jumeirah island-

This is a man made island which is designed as 2 kilometers long trunk with 17 branches ,which resembles the picture of a tree.You may not be knowing that the villas here are the Dubai’s most expensive villas including the villa of Shahrukh Khan, David Beckham etc. It also has ‘The Atlantis’ which is an iconic building in itself etc.

3. Desert Safari with Night shows

Have you ever experienced a thrilling ride which almost takes your breath out?This is it,the Desert Safari of Dubai.Imaging going to the top of a hill and riding down at a very fast pace.If you go Dubai and come back without doing this,well that will be the opportunity loss for you.The belly dance shows,dinner,art performances and camel riding is the lifetime experience one could ever get here.desrt

4. The water fountain show:

It has the world’s biggest fountain show held below the Burj Khalifa which is indeed a great show one cannot miss there.It starts in every 30 minutes and goes on for some 10 minutes which is the best minutes one can experience sitting below the Burj Khalifa .It is very popular for shooting purposes also.


5. Ski Dubai-Mall of Emirates:

Ski Dubai is one of the amazing place ever that u will never forget once you go there.It is situated in mall of emirates with inside temperature of -3 degree Celsius covered with snow and fun games.It has different games and shows like penguin show,skiing,snow games etc.The most amazing fact of this place is that it is covered with think transparent glass which one can see snow on one side and the mall on the other.

6. The city tour

Dubai has achieved so much popularity in the world that everyone dreams of going there at least once in their lifetime especially to see this city.It takes us to the glimpse of the city with tall buildings and not only that,you will also observe that every building is designed in a special way which makes it look unique.Be it Burj Khalifa,Twisted building,or the brick building ,they have their own beauty.

7. Burj Al Arab- Top 7 star hotel in the world

Al refers to the word ‘THE’ in English,so you will find this word generally in every restaurants,buildings etc in Dubai.Burj-al-arab is a ship shaped world’s expensive 7 star hotel constructed in a beach.The exterior part of the building is fantastic.People don’t get entry there just to view the hotel from inside.At least they need to have breakfast there which is too much expensive.

8. The Dubai Mall-

The Dubai mall is the largest mall you will ever find in this world.It is so large that if one walks into it,It will take the whole day to see the mall.The mall has a direct opening to the Burj Khalifa and has the largest Aquarium in the world which is a must see over there.You will find all the branded shops  there like Apple,Zara,Armani ,Samsung etc. The fact of its craziness among people is that everything like the Water Fountain,Burj Khalifa,Dubai mall are embedded at one single place that makes it look glorious and charming.

9. Gold market:

Dubai is a tax free country on various items especially gold which makes it cheaper.People buy gold from there at a very cheap price and can earn money if they sell them in another country.There are many gold markets among which Deira market is very popular for gold.So if you are planning to go Dubai,be sure you come back with some gold in your hands.



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