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9 amazing facts about che guevara


Che guevara, the name we have only heard , seen only printed on t-shirts and considered him to be a youth icon. But did we ever had tried to know ,who he was?

Here is the article, that will clear us about the great ’ che guevara ‘

Ernesto ‘ che’ guevara was born on 14th june in 1928  and was a major figure in Cuban revolution. He is more commonly know as che and was very multitalented. Multitalented coz not only he was revolutionary but also a physician, an author, and intellectual, guerrilla leader and a military theorist. And today he is the biggest commercial successs. But why he is?? Lets read on.



In his childhood he was nicknamed as ‘chancho’ meaning ‘pig’. He was named so because of his no bathing habits. He did not us to take early bathe and was known to wear same shirt full week. Throughout his life he was condemned because of his stinky habits but he never changed but that’s partly because people wouldn’t say anything to his face as once he had the power to get anyone beaten in a snap.


The name,’Che Guevara’ still is attractive and incites love or hate. This name is considered in sense of freedom fighting for some and for others equivalent to butchery. While probably most of you all do not know that his real name was Ernesto lynch. This name?? does it produce the same impact as che Guevara?? Na . there was nothing strong in his original name however this name later took a completely different route.


Most of you will be feeling like ‘eewuu’ after watching this image coz you might have seen his different cool images but yes he was a geek when he was young. He used to play chess and he even played in professional tournaments. He had a strong passion for poetry. In studies, maths and engineering was his fav subject. In todays world, a person having such interest would better be known as a ‘emo’ or a ‘nerd’. In the above picture it can be clearly seen that Che Guevara was a emo in his childhood.


Of course most of us know him as a Cuban because of his action in Cuba but is he really a Cuban?? Answer is no!! Che Guevara was actually born in Argentina and was never a citizen of Cuba. His father used to tell that the blood in Che’s veins is that of Irish rebel. Sounds funny right? S person did so much for a country, he is not a citizen of! Lol.


A boy who had maths and engineering as his favourite subject was know known as a doctor of medicines.

There was a misunderstanding about him and not a lot of consensus was found regarding this but it is reported that in 1953, Che Guevara completed his medical studies. He graduated successfully as a doctor and during his graduation he was very interested in the disease known as ‘leprosy’.


Che Guevara during his militrant life, travelled to the USA in 1964 in order to give a speech to the United Nations in New York. He condemned the United States of their various policies that concerned racial segregation. Following were few lines from his speech: “Those who kill their own children and discriminate daily against them because of the color of their skin; those who let the murderers of blacks remain free, protecting them, and furthermore punishing the black population because they demand their legitimate rights as free men — how can those who do this consider themselves guardians of freedom?”


After Che Guevara was dead, his hands were amputated by a military doctor. The Bolivian army transferred the dead body to an undisclosed location. Its still not sure whether his body was buried or cremated. The hands however were preserved and they were sent to Buenos Aires for fingerprint identification.


The icon above is world’s most commercialized and merchandised image. This icon can be found on shirts, badges, flags, carpets, bikini etc. His iconic graphic is on the things that he hated. Wooh what a irony! At his time he was the only one with fan following.

This picture was taken by Alberto Korda at a memorial service, and in those days it was not that famous as now it is.


In hearts of every Cuban, Ernesto remains a real hero. Infact school children in every school of cuba pledge in the morning that they will be like Che! In his hometown (Argentina) there are many museums dedicated to his memory and in 2008 a 12ft statue was placed in Rosario(where he was born). Many oblivion farmers refer this guy as a saint and therefore call him St. Ernesto. This stinky geek how one day will transform into an iconic image and will create a room for his memories in every Cuban heart is really commentable.





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