8 Ways To Boost Up Your Mood


Dear Readers
All of us have experienced bad irritable days of feeling low and weak. We find ourselves juggling between the boundaries of stress and burden so, all you need is will to feel better. As they say where there is a will,there is a way! These are 8 ways to boost up your mood:

1. Clear Up!

Whether it’s physically cleaning up your surroundings, or mentally erasing irrational thoughts. Do it! Studies prove that cleaning up makes you feel liberated from the mess. Erase the Irrelevant, take off the unwanted and focus on what’s left.

clean when you are stressed

2. Confusion Leads To Clarity!

Being familiar of your issues,you are bound to be confused to find solutions. Confusions are good. Yes,the fact that confusions exist is an indicator that you’re open to all sorts of possible solutions. All you need to do is find what’s best.

3. Have a Drink or Munch on Your Favourite Snack

While all this thinking gets intense and hard,just have your favorite drink.Experts suggest caffeine and sugar help you get energetic so if you feel too low or weak,you know what to look for.

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4. Dance It Out!

Studies suggest dancing makes you brave and gives you an adrenaline rush which then sends a signal to your brain and relaxes your muscles. Dancing liberates stress and makes your decision making stronger.

keep calm and dance

5. Find Yourself A Place.

Everyone has a spot, personal favorite spot where you sit and you do nothing yet you love it there. Whether that place is your balcony,terrace, hilltop,beach or the 4 walls of your washroom. That will create a bubble of your thoughts around you to help you accept “it’s okay” .

6.Talk It Out.

We all have our persons..your parents,friends,siblings,cousins or even a stranger you encounter. You know how all these people won’t judge you so blurt it out and get rid of the misery! Studies have proven that when you organise your problem to speak it out brain is likely to find an answer during the process.

Talk it out when your mood is down

7. Play A Sport!

Indoors or outdoors. Cricket or chess or even candy crush on your android. Put your mind into something completely else and distract yourself. Recreational activities are just not for children. We adults require them too.

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8. Make It Personal

We all have “our” ideas of making ourselves feel better. Surround yourself with what you like. Its okay if you sit with an ice cream tub and watch your favourite movie.It’s your idea of feeling better. Allow yourself to feel better.
make it personal when your mood is down

Remember! “what’s broken can be mended, what’s hurt can be healed.” Keep smiling.