8 types of unusual food items that helps in boosting your immune system


The human body is made up of a number of systems based on which the whole body works. One of the most important systems of the human body is the immune system that helps you in fighting against a number of diseases. If your immune system does not work properly, then a number of issues can arise leading to some of the most deadly diseases.

Hence, it is very important to keep your immune system as healthy as any other systems in your body. Though there are a number of medical ways to improve your immune system, but it is always better to trust in the natural ways.

There are some of the most unusual food items available that you would have never imagined can help you in boosting your immune system.

Acai berries

Acai berries are an unusual type of berry that is the part of the unusual palm trees that are found in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil. The special feature of this berry is that this is one of the purest forms of antioxidant and is also full of various nutrients. The main function of this berry is that it helps in destroying the cancer cells in your body.


As per a research done in Florida, the extracts from the acai berry destroyed the cancer cells take from a human body. This experiment later on came with a very strong result that acai berries can be very effective in treating cancer types such as leukemia.

Along with this, it is also effective in many other chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, fatigue syndrome, arthritis, digestive discomforts, and any type of inflammation of pain. It also helps in lowering your cholesterol.

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Goji berries

Goji berry is originated from China and is one of the most important elements in Chinese medical art of years. It is also known by the name of wolfberries and is known for his very high antioxidant character.

It has been studied in the year 1994 that Goji berries have a photochemical substance available in it that is very much helpful in cancer fighting. Since then many of the medicine experts prescribe extracts of Goji berries along with other therapies for cancer treatment.


These berries are also an amazing element that helps in losing weight. It contains some natural lipotropic compound that diverts fat away from organs like liver and also helps in burning the extra calories of your body.

Apart from this the berry also helps in lowering cholesterol and releases a compound known as othomocysteine that keeps away inflammation and heart diseases.

Goji berries also have beta carotene and zeaxanthin that are effective to protect you from a number of eye diseases that may occur old age. It is equally effective in boosting your libido.


Dulse is a reddish brown colored sea vegetable that is rich in various minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. It is also an antioxidant and contains a number of natural food chemicals. You can consume Dulse as a leafy vegetable or can also consume it in the form of a powder. It has a salty flavor and can be used by adding to salads and other continental dishes. Some people are also comfortable eating it raw.

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Hijiki is again a sea vegetable that is very popular in Japan and is also known by the name of ‘beauty vegetable’. This particular vegetable looks like a black angel pasta and is said effective for beautiful skin and shiny hair. Along with providing beauty solution, this sea vegetable also offers a number of treatments for various diseases such as thyroid. It is also quite effective in strengthening the immune system of your body.


Sea Kelp

Sea Kelp is such a sea vegetable once again that is full of almost all different nutrients that are needed by the body. Among the various nutrients that are available in this single food source, one nutrient in which it is very rich is iodine. Iodine is a nutrient that is important for people who are having problems related to thyroid. Also consuming sea kelp is not a very difficult thing. Kelp noodles are quite famous in places like Japan that is not only nutritious but also is wonderful in taste. You do not have to add thus sea kelp secretly in any dish to make your children eat them. The noodles are altogether a rich form to keep you and your immune system healthy and fit.



Kombu is brown algae again found under the sea that is a rich source of a number of different types of minerals. Due to a number of nutritional values, it is good to make it an important part of daily diet. The vegetable with a purple hue is available in various forms on the market such as fresh or it is frozen or also at times it is dried to preserve for many days. The vegetable is available in the form of sheets or thick strips and has a salty taste. You can eat it in the form of food topping over pizzas or sandwiches or can also add them to soups.

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If you are a Sushi lover, then you must be aware of the sea vegetable Nori without which Sushi preparation is almost incomplete. This is also a substance very high in various nutritious elements, minerals, and vitamins. These are available two colors mainly that are marine green and dark purple. You can cut Nori into strips and can add it in Sushi preparation or also in making of various soups and salads.



Wakame, again a sea vegetable is rich in minerals such as sodium and hence has a salty taste. There is something special about this grayish green vegetable. It is normally available in the market in small dried form but as you soak it in water, it expands much higher and gains back its original size that was there under the sea. When cooked properly, the vegetable is soft to chew and melts in your mouth. You can eat it raw also as a salad or snack or can add it to soups and fries.