8 Trends in Mobile Phone Industry


The age of vaunted technology has rendered the world digital and smart. Mobiles have become an integral part of our lives. We live in an age of ‘Smartness.’ Imagine being deprived of all your gadgets and electronic assets and it shall be dark before you. You shall be scared by the pall of gloom that merely engulfs the thought of losing your precious gadgets. No wonder mobiles continue to retain their sheen right from the day of their productive use.

Masterminds behind the worthy smartphones are known for their innovation. Let me be clear by quoting an example. LEDs hogged the limelight in the latter half of twentieth century. However, they were for a brief stint. LEDs have the capacity to outclass other brand and variants of light sources. LEDs are known for their better watt-to-lumens efficiency. However, there is something more than it meets eye- As per a survey by an esteemed organization, in 1980s, not more than 35% India was in favor of LEDs. However, LEDs are trending now. Needless to say, the manifestation of mobile phones is based on several similar facts.

Delving deep into the nitty-gritty and finer nuances of the trends in mobile phone industry, it becomes imperative to quote a few:

  1. Wearables:

Smartwatches are trending now. To be precise, Apple and Sony have cemented their places in the domain of Smartwatches. To all intents and purposes, smartwatches have fitness tracking and health-oriented capabilities. So, how about a wearable mobile phone? Does the concept of a ‘wearable mobile phone’ sound out of the box? Not necessarily, it’s just a simple extension of the wearable smart watch. While Google came up with Google Glass, other competitors are in for a tight tussle.

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  1. Mobile Computing:

The term ‘computing’ has become trendy and hence all the more popular. ‘Computing’ in its profoundest sense may be described as the systematic utilization of computers to accomplish a particular task. Taking this concept to the next higher level, mobile computing deals with the transmission of data or video by using a wireless enabled device. So tickle your grey cells to scout the essence of wireless enabled device. Well, the ‘wireless enabled device’ is nothing but a smart phone. More often than not, many mobile phone companies are working in this direction to carve a niche for themselves to outsmart others.


  1. 5G:

The rise of technology has been phenomenal. It all started with 2G. Slowly, the arm of technology started to flex its muscles. It all resulted in a jaw-dropping technology standard-3G. Unable to resist the temptation to fine-tune the 3G, technocrats came up with an awe inspiring technology standard-4G. Needless to say, 5G is expected to rule the lexicon of mobile phone industry. Comprehending the finer lines of difference between 4G and 5G makes the ideation all the more intriguing. By using the technology standards and principles of 5G, smart devices may interact with one another. So don’t be flummoxed if your smart phone exchanges a few words of counsel with your bike for its rash driving.


  1. Internet of Things:
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Before digging deep into the details, let me express the essence of “IoT of Internet of Things.” It is a craziest scenario in which all the living beings such as humans, plants and animals exchange data among themselves over a network. So what’s special about Internet of Things? Here, the exchange of communication takes place in the absence of human-to-computer interaction. So, how is the mobile phone industry related to Internet of Things? I am letting the cat out of the bag- mobile phones can create mobile networks. As a consequence, communication among plants, animals and humans is all the more a virtual reality. Without any much thought, mobile phone manufacturers and mobile giants are in the tireless pursuit of making ‘Internet of Things’ feasible.


  1. M-commerce:

Gone are the days when people used to voice their opinions on e-commerce. M-commerce is ruling the roost. Many startups and venture investors are following the right vein- M-commerce. Most of the organizations are paying attention to detail when it comes to mobile optimized and mobile compatible websites. In addition, there is a lot of hype accompanying mobile applications. Teenagers and technocrats go gaga over HD mobile games. So, a lot more promising set of things is in the offing!


  1. Desktop replacement:

We all read about vacuum tubes, punching machines and room-sized computers. So, our future generation enjoys the privilege of reading about desktops. To all intents and purposes, this isn’t a far-fetched thought. The size of the desktops is diminishing. The quality of the picture and the resolution of the screen are enhancing. So, 1080p may be replaced by 1440p. Well, this replacement is clearly visible in the gaming industry. So an upturn in the fortune of mobile industry may be clearly envisaged.

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  1. Optical Image Stabilization:

Obsessed with camera shake and titled projections? Here is the solution. Many mobile phones are equipped with powerful cameras that are firmly rooted with Optimal Image Stabilization techniques. The scope of image blurring and video distorting can be minimized to work wonders and wave the baton of magic. Variations can be done to the various possible optical paths and hence Optical Image Stabilization provides you a perfect blend of vibrancy and potency.


  1. Best Imaging:

It has become an absolute bliss to contemplate about the concept of ‘Imaging.’ Many mobile phones have come up with the so called front cameras and back cameras only to boast of the ‘megapixels’ and ‘progressive scans.’ However, not many customers are satisfied with the cameras quality. A dash of excellence is missing. The accompanying hype is doing no good as customers are fed up the mundane imaging and processing. So, many mobile manufactures are counting on the idea of incorporating powerful design software such as Photoshop, aftereffects etc.


The age of smartness is bound to outlive the age of mankind. So, the trends in mobile industry change frequently. Today’s technology is tomorrow’s obsolete technology. Generation to come will relish the possibility of automation in every walk of life and mobile phones may seem indispensable.