8 Things To Do To Make Yourself More Irresistible To Men



Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be born beautiful to be irresistible. Believe it or not, there is an exact science behind attraction and desirability. Attraction is an innate basic instinct and it is most definitely possible to trick your man into falling in love with you. Now all of us girls can put away our love potions and hocus pocus and simply turn heads with these eight simple tricks that are sure to make you irresistible in the eyes of your man, without him knowing about it!

Hasi tou Phasi 


Remember in college when you’d follow your crush home and if she smiled at you you’d gain the courage to ask her out? The simple science behind smiling is that it puts the man at ease. Another reason to go to the dentist, brush regularly and floss! A cute smile is always disarming and makes a girl look 10 times more attractive and approachable. After all, you wouldn’t want to date a man who looks like a Mafia Don with a sulking face, so, why should it be any different for guys? Smile and engage your man’s attention.

Attract attention with Red 

red dress

There is a reason why danger signs are painted in red, not that you are a danger yourself, but solely because they attract attention. To look irresistible to a guy you must make the guy look at you first, and the best way to make them notice is to wear red. Make way little black dresses, red is the new black. A well dressed woman is always a treat for sore eyes. Wear a hot red dress next time you go into town and literally paint the town ‘RED’ by upping your sexiness quotient!

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In zulfon ki chao mein 

long hair

Long , lustrous hair are sure to make you look sexy like no other thing can. In recent studies guys revealed that they hate women who paint their faces with excessive make-up and would rather date a girl who looks naturally sexy. And girls, we all know that the best way to do that is to apply nude make-up and let your hair loose. Let your long tresses fall sensually on your face and brush your back, it’ll be a great excuse for your man to brush your locks aside and run his hair through your hair, if you know what we mean.

Curves in all the right places 


And we can’t stress this enough. Unlike what supermodels and celebrities lead you to believe, men HATE skinny girls! A guy is seriously attracted to a girl who looks fit and enjoys her food. Have you ever seen a man enjoy paying hundreds of bucks for a salad that you just push around on your plate? Show the man you love to eat and exercise. Curves in all the right places are a big turn on for every guys.

Be Independent

 sex and the city

Girls, no one wants to date a woman who is clingy and demanding. Men would just avoid that headache like a plague. Go out into town with your girlfriends, give him space and don’t nag him about having a boy’s night out either! When your guy sees that you need him for the important things in life, like emotional support and can otherwise take care of yourself and then some, he will be more likely to treat you with respect and would love to show you how much he cares for you.

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Lay off on the cuss word


Coming from someone who has the vocabulary of a pirate herself, it really is very unattractive to relay a string of cuss words when having a normal conversation with your guy. Expletives are a way of releasing one’s tension and negativity and if you do that too often in front of your guy, it won’t make you look irresistible to him.  Now, I know it sounds unrealistic. With so much happening in a day, a girl’s gotta be able to relax and be the way she wants to be, but next time you act like a lady, be sure you sound like a ‘Fking’ lady too!

Be a Tease


No, not the kind you are thinking of, You dirty mind, You! Unlike popular notion, once you get the attention of your guy, you should be able to stimulate his mind into missing you when you leave. Stimulate his mind, ask questions, laugh at his jokes (silly as they may be), flirt a little and show a genuine interest in his hobbies and likes. Be warned though, most men can see through fakes and we are sure you yourself wouldn’t want to be in a relationship that doesn’t intrigue you. Show genuine interest in him and you will be surprised to see how much he likes it!

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Don’t Get Overemotional


It’s easy for most of us to cry our hearts out at the simplest inquiries into our day. A simple question like – ‘How was your day?’ can lead to a monologue of 20 minutes on how that b!tch at work scr3wed you over for promotion. Remember to analyze and understand the mood of your partner before you get too emotional about things. Lead with your happy mood. Youthfulness is a sure fire way of looking irresistible. Sure, you need to vent sometimes, but that what girl friends and vodka martinis are for! It’s simple, You want your guy to find you sexy, show him your ‘FUN’ side!

Now that you have an insight into what men find sexy in a woman, we are sure the upper hand  in this battle of the sexes will gain you brownie points and help you attract men. Do share this listicle with your guy and girl friends and let us know how it went!