8 things that can be known by the way how a man kisses you


Different men have different ways of kissing and as per a number of women men can be judged by their character based on their kissing ways. Though some of the researchers and experts deny this fact but, on the other hand, some are also such who stand for this fact. Based on the studies of various such experts here are some facts that one can know from the way how a man kisses a woman.

Comfort with intimacy

Through the way how a man kisses a woman, it can be stated that whether the man is comfortable with intimacy or not. A man more into intimacy will reflect the feelings and emotions in his kiss also. He will have a number of kiss actions and a passionate one with the use of tongue and also by caressing your hair at the same time. If it is a long, almost breathless smooch, it can be said that the man is quite passionate in nature and is very much comfortable with intimacy.


Sensitive in nature

There are many people who kiss with your whole lips inside their mouth and making you pant for breath after it is over. But this is not the type of a man who is sensitive. Quite obvious, a man who is sensitive in nature will understand and care you at first before forcing his desires on you.  Do not that mistaken that they are not passionate kisser or lovers, but the only difference is that they are sensitive and take care that their action is not hurting you much. They may also ask you later on whether you are okay on not at times.

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Attentive in nature

It is not necessary that what one woman like about a man, the second woman will like the same thing. Even for kissing, some women may like the passionate and forceful type of kiss while the other may like a more caressing kind of kissing. Some men do not understand this fact. Every time they kiss you they will ask how was it. It reflects that whether they are a Casanova and wishes to check their kissing from each woman whom he kisses, or he is not very much confident about himself and hence keep on asking about his kissing performance.


Control freak

You can also know about the level of control of a man on himself from his kiss. If every time he starts kissing yours wildly then he is not able you control his emotions and feelings within himself. But if you find someone who just touches your lips and at times leaves you to do the rest part, then you can understand that the man is a controlled personality and knows how to control his feelings and emotions at different points in time.


Real or not

When someone is kissing you, you can feel that whether that person is actually enjoying the kiss or it is just an obligation. If you get such type of a feeling that it is not a pleasure but a forced kiss then it proves that the man is not real in nature also. He can hide a number of things in himself just to show that nothing has happened on his face. These people are actually double-faced, not necessarily in the wrong way. It may happen that they are hiding some sorrows in their minds, and still they want to show the world that they are happy.

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Creative in nature

Kissing, in the same way, can be boring at times. If your man is a creative fellow, then he will try to adapt different kissing styles each time so that the whole experience does not look monotonous. Kissing is also a part of the pleasure, but if it becomes boring as a daily routine, then it is no more pleasure. Though almost all the people try out different things but people who try out some innovative ideas in kissing can be said to be also creative by their personality.


Hygiene factor

Through the type of kissing he is enjoying you can also check about his hygiene. Though there are a number of men who like to kiss with your whole mouth inside them so that you have to wipe later on out your mouth. But in such kissing also there are techniques. If the man is kissing you in such way, without caring about the saliva thing, then obviously he is not that much hygienic in nature. Also, if the man has a bad breath, then it is sure that he is not clean. There are many men who hide themselves behind perfumes, aftershaves, and colognes. The real face comes out when they kiss you with a bad breath.


Sort of jerk

Whether a man is actually attracted towards you to be in a relationship with you or is just a jerk can be known easily with the kissing type the man has. As mentioned kissing is a pleasure and if the man wishes to enjoy the pleasure with you then he will either do it sensitively or passionately in a controlled manner. But if the man while kissing is trying to catch hold of various parts of your body or is trying to rip out your clothes, and then you should understand that his main aim is that one final thing. These people are actually a jerk, and they do not understand the meaning and importance of feelings and emotions of a relationship.

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So, by now you can understand next time that what type of a personality your man possesses the way he kisses you.

Now this is also a fact as per a number of experts that these kissing styles can be changed if the girl points out to the man. So, if a man has changed and improved over his kissing style, then the personality reflected through his kissing will not be the genuine one. Many women wish to have a gentle kiss while others wish to have a passionate, so, it can change according to the liking.