8 Things All Kanpurites Are Tired Of Hearing


Known as the “Manchester of the East” in the past and one of the largest Industrial Centers in North India, Kanpur still fights to change its reputation as a small town. Here are 8 things all Kanpurites are tired of hearing :

  • Kanpur is so unclean. How do you even survive here?

We are not very proud of the fact that our city is polluted. But as a matter of fact, Delhi is the most populated city in the country and yet people are proud to dwell in the national capital. Not that we live in the dumping grounds: P

  • Did you say you had pizza for lunch? Does Kanpur even have a pizza hut?

Let me begin by telling you how Kanpur is not a village and has multiple malls like z square that has more than 100 national and international brands. We have an airport, how do you not expect us to have a pizza hut?

z square

  • Aren’t the girls here better than your city?
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There is no denying the fact that girls in metropolitan cities get more exposure and tend to be smarter but that does not classify them as “better”. Girls in Kanpur are equally beautiful and smart and provided they are given enough opportunities, the sky is the limit for them.

  • You are speaking fluent English. How is that even possible?

Well there are a number of excellent schools in the city comprising of ICSE as well as CBSE schools. Almost every year, the State topper is from Kanpur and the students excel in all fields from sports to academics. So, some day  if you spot Kanpur kids talking to you in French or German since they opted for it as an optional subject in school ,there is no need to be surprised! Did I mention IIT Kanpur and HBTI? If you ever want to pursue Engineering, you exactly know what I mean!



  • How do you even drive on roads like that?
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Well exactly what we think too, but we are super talented you know ;)  If you can drive on Kanpur roads, you can probably drive anywhere in the country. Stunts here need not be performed, they happen naturally. However, all roads in the city are not the same. With increased awareness, the conditions are changing for the better.


  • What does Bhaukal even mean? You guys have a weird vocab.

The vocab might be weird but we are absolutely in love with it and there is no way we are giving up on it. Be it “kantaap” or “bhaukal” all these words make us sound more hilarious in our heads. Also not everyone in the city speaks like this. It is a matter of choice. We never judge others based on their lingos and accents so why judge us?


  • Why “hum” instead of “mai”? Multiple personalities?

Because hum is so much better and royal than “mai”. That is how we roll, got a problem with that?

  • Meri city aao, acha khana khilaunga!
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“Aap Kanpur aao, Thaggu ke laddu aur Mall Road ki chaat khilaunga.” We never doubt your city’s ability to feed us well but hey, the street food in Kanpur is pretty amazing too!


I hope all Kanpurites could connect with it, and for everyone else hope you had a good time reading. Oh wait, if you ever had a friend from Kanpur,you connected with it too, didn’t you?