8 similarities between hero and heropanti


Romantic Bollywood movies are usually based on the same story line. You can somehow relate one movie to another. But this time while watching ‘Hero’, i felt like watching ‘Heropanti’ all over again. These two movies have a lot many similarities. Here are a few things which make these movies twin sisters.

1. The main leads are Bollywood kids.

Tiger Shroff, son of jackie Shroff was introduced for the first time in the movie ‘heropanti’ and Athiya Shetty, daughter of Sunil Shetty is introduced in the movie ‘hero’. These movies have been in gossips for the newcomers more than any other factor. People and critics had a keen eye on the newcomers more than anything else.

2.The movie plot revolves around kidnapping or eloping.

In both the movies, the story line revolves around eloping of two people. In heropanti, the only difference was that the main leads do not elope.

3. A love song in snow.


In both the movies, we have love songs shot in snow, ‘rabba rabba’ from heropanti and ‘khoya khoya’ from hero. If you listen to these songs carefully, they sound the same. I don’t know if it is the music or may be the context but they are similar.

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4. The girl and the boy dance in a club.

'Raat bhar' heropanti
‘Raat bhar’ heropanti
Song 'Dance Ke Legends' Stills from Hero
Song ‘Dance Ke Legends’ Stills from Hero

Both the movies have a club song in which the guy dances better than the girl. Also, the love story begins in the club. The guy impresses the girl with his dance moves.

5. The father of the girl is influential.

In both the movies, ‘Hero’ and ‘Heropanti’, the girl’s father is an influential man and he does not agree for his girl’s marriage to the guy which is so bollywood. These movies are so like the old hindi movies where the main focus is how the great dad agrees to marry his girl to his lover after so many efforts by the guy in the end.

6. The Title of the movie.

Both the movies have a very similar title which makes the context of the movie similar. The title depicts the same theme be it ‘Hero’ or ‘Heropanti’ and it makes the story very obvious. After you here the movie name, being a bollywood lover you can easily predict the story. As in the movie, the main leads fight a lot of people together and yet manage to win over them and woo the audience.

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7.Both the movies are remakes.

‘Hero’ is the remake of the bollywood movie ‘Hero (1983)’ and ‘Heropanti is a remake of a telugu movie ‘Parugu’. Also, the main music tune from the movie ‘hero’ (1983) has been used in heropanti in the song ‘whistle baja’. So, both the movies have some connection to the 1983 movie, ‘hero’.

8. The main leads are seen in the tapori look.

Both Sooraj pancholi and Tiger Shroff are seen in the tapori look in the movies Hero and Heropanti respectively.