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8 signs you might be an introvert and an extrovert


Reveling in solitude is not anything to be acquired. It comes naturally to people. While participation is an integral part of harmonious living, there are people who majorly prefer to be on their own. Relationships are given utmost importance at every stage of life. But some, on the other hand, rely a great deal upon their personal needs and thoughts. Albeit, this is basically a personal choice, such kind are often judged and criticized in our society. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to spend weekends partying in a club. It’s not a crime to get involved in your book rather than striking a conversation while travelling. It’s perfectly OK not wanting to share your bed cause you consider it too personal a move. People who love solitude but also turn up as charismatic and electrifying when there is a need of the hour, need to know that they are as amiable and vivacious as those chirpy extroverts and aren’t socially inept. These are the signs that you would likely relate to if you are an ambivert.

  • Getting involved in every kind of conversation is not your piece of cake.
    It’s an inherent nature of yours not to give ears to every kind of talk going in the town. You are selective when it comes to giving advice and don’t bother to add into the long chitter-chatter about the girl getting hitched or your neighbour’s pet’s death.
  • You coffee at a cafe, alone

    Coffee with reading or looking out the window on a rainy beautiful day is your thing. While your friends are busy with their college or job, you don’t prefer coercing them all the time for those peppy evenings. Your own thoughts are great entertainers to keep you going for hours.
  • Even though you are overshadowed by the boisterous and loud, you know you are never the sidekick.
    You talk enthusiastically only of those things you love and people listen. Your contributions were always counted because you give less of them.
  • How to spend a weekend? Is it a question?

    You like going by the mood. You are rather capricious there. Weekends would sometimes mean slipping in your sweat pants, lying on your sofa and watching a sci-fi fiction and at other time it can be a long day of parties, movies and outings.
  • Eating out by yourself is not awkward.

    Family and friends at dinner can be fun. But it also can become cumbersome (difficult people, misers, gluttons to handle) at times. While eating alone is not an idea of ideal fun for most of us, ambiverts do it happily and perfectly. Plus, there are other perks of not having to comply to other’s aesthetic demands and also you have all the delicacies to yourself. Who on this earth likes sharing food, anyway?
  • You like solo travelling
    It is only sometimes that, by a fortunate stroke of serendipity, one gets to travel alone. Some consider it an uphill task. You see it as a chance to multitask and accomplish task speedily. You eat, read, watch, think, observe everything that goes past you and like it. Moving out of your comfort zone, you feel enriched and reinvigorated.
  • You neglect your phone, a lot

    Married or single, you have a love-hate relationship with this gadget. You don’t like replying to pointless conversations and hate picking calls every now and then. Bland messages, mindless talks don’t appeal you. You would rather take a walk by yourself.
  • “Clingy” never appealed to you. No exceptions.

    The thought of not being able to come out of relationships terrifies you. Be it your work, relationship, family, you need that part of the day all by yourself to help retain your sanity. Constant nudging and nagging are an absolute deal-breaker. You value those in your life, but also know your social limits.
    No matter people call you egotistical or selfish, being a nonconformist show that you are an intricate blend of overtness and covertness. You value your freedom to think and decide alone. Because you know, that’s the only thing society can’t control.



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