8 Reasons Why Your Initial Group Of Friends Is Your Forever One


According to me every human being is an actor, a hero of his own life. He plays different roles differently with different people a son or a daughter with parents, a student with teachers and professors,a husband or a wife for their partner and a parent to their own child. The only time when you are accepted and yet you get to be yourself is when you are with your friends.
Through this course of life we make loads of friends.. Many amongst them end up being so close but still there is that thing about that gang of friends, the initial one,the forever one..here is the reason why.friendships

1. They have seen you in from civilised to most uncivilised situation.

These are the first people you chose for yourself they have seen you in your best behaviour at class to worst behaviour in the recess. From nicely dressed up at parties to all nurdy at home. They accept you In any form. No matter how much you try to pretend they just know the real you.

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2. From sharing food and stationary to sharing likes dislikes to sharing the deepest darkest secrets and fears.You have shared it all.

Everyone grows up, enters a world of profession and competition where sharing secrets and fears can be giving a key to your own weaknesses so we hesitate. But when it comes to those few friends your life has been an open book.

3. Helpline numbers!

General phone book directory says helpline numbers for police, ambulance, fire brigade etc. but to save your midlife crisis at anytime of the day you’ll still count on those few people and you know their numbers by heart!

4. You can do anything for their company.

From taking punishments together to filling up career options. They’ve been your support. Even in their absence you’ve thought about those crazy times.They have been the only reason you came to school to the only reason you still want to go to school after passing.

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5. Partners in crime!

You have done all the stupid stuff together from bunking and cheating to playing pranks on somebody to failing in the same math test. You’ve had that gang that stuck through it all and sticks with you even today. This group will be willing to save you from your parents scoldings to convincing them about something that you want. These are also the same people who will catch you when you fall.

6. You’ve had some special moments with them that you’ll take to the grave.

You might have a favourite song of your own but I bet you have that one song with your group that you called “our song”. You’ve kept nicknames that one cannot even think off and no matter how much you grow up they will still publically call you by the same name. These moments and memories are precious than anything and you want to make more till you finally die.

7. First Receivers Of First-Hand Information!

You make sure you tell them everything,sometimes even before your parents know. The first news from your first crush to your first break! They are the only ones entitled to know your major and minor details.

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8. No matter how much distance that destiny creates between you all. Love remains forever.

When you call your group BFF’s you mean it! They are your persons to cover up for you, to share your joy and sorrow with you. I bet even if you would talk after months the bond remains the same.


They say children are innocent they love without thinking about anything, without asking anything, without any conditions or prior motive.Maybe that is reason why your initial group is your forever one because you have loved each other with no expectations or demands.