8 reasons why people love Nepal


Nepal is itself a place full of diversities, culture and adventure. It has its unique character of enjoyment and refreshment that attracts people to visit once there. It is very known for the MT. Everest which is the world’s tallest mountain and its north side is covered by mountains and hills whereas its sudden part brings to the India-Nepal border. Here are some reasons why people love visiting Nepal:

  1. Adventure

8 reasons why people love Nepal

You will be amazed by the fact that Nepal has the world second largest Bungee Jumping site at a place names as last resort. It is full of adventure, be it paragliding, rafting and a lot more. People visit there to enjoy these fabulous bunches of an adventure which is not really offered by most of the countries at a single place. A lot of lakes flow all over the country bringing  into a glimpse of world heritage site and national parks have fetched the rare species of animals which can be only seen here in Nepal.

  1. Heritage sites


Nepal has around 7 main national parks which is covered in a huge areas. Many rare species can be seen only in Nepal due to its conservation of animals. Among the world’s heritage sites, Nepal stands around sixth position for protection and maintaining of animals which is very appreciating . It has many species of flora and fauna spread over the country which creates a reason why should people love the beauty of Nepal.

3) Weather

Weather in Nepal especially in Kathmandu , which is the capital of Nepal is known for its constant temperature which keeps the city calm all around the year. There is no gradual increase in temperature during summers or decrease in winter which makes it very pleasant. It is witnessed by every tourists who visits there. Unlike countries like India, It has a well balanced temperature which neither makes too hot during summers and cold during winters which is loved by everyone.

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4) Tourism


It has a wide network of tourism spread all over the country due to its fantastic places that is worth to visit. Around many millions tourists visits Nepal in a year and loves the environment and its culture. History is created in Nepal because of its goddess that resides here. This is what attracts people all over the world to see the temples, cultures and enjoy a thrilling experience of adventure. Nepal has many religious temples, heritage sites, national parks etc. Nepal is ranked among top 10 for its number of tourists visits. It is rich in flora and fauna species which has an immense effect on its tourism.

5) People and Tradition


Nepal is one among some of the rich traditions that has create a major impact on its history. From people to its culture, everything is wonderful which is really loved by anyone. Nepali culture including the festivals, customs etc. is something which fascinates atleast once to the tourist who visits there. It is more or less similar to the Indian culture because mostly people are of Hindu religion. People are very nice to each other because of their fluent and soft tone of speaking which attracts people to talk and a good bond is formed between them.

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6) Nature

The beauty of nature can be seen there in mostly north and east part of Nepal. All the beautiful rivers, hills etc. is situated on these areas which gives a impression on its beauty. If you are looking for a cool place full of beauty of hills, mountains and adventure, nothing can be more amazing than this. It is worth visiting these places sometime in life.

7) Money


Money in this sense generally defines the scope of business in Nepal. We all are aware of the fact that many entrepreneurs are emerging from Nepal and the topmost company of Nepal, Chaudhary group comes under the Forbes billionaire list which can be concluded that making money here is much more easier than any other country. Many good collaborations with foreign affiliates is done here in Nepal making it a progression country in this era. People do love residing here mainly because of this reason because we all know,

“ People survive to make money and enjoy “

8) Temples


Nepal is famous for its vast varieties of temples which is strongly believed by its follower. Lord Buddha temple in Lumbini is very popular and temples like Pashupati nath ji, Manakamana is  very popular for tourist sites. There is a history remained unrevealed behind every temples that you will go which helps you to understand about its culture and history. A huge numbers of devotees witness every day here to show their love and pray to god. Lot of facts you will be confronted here that will leave you mindstruck but you will certainly enjoy seeing this there. It has the world’s tallest shiva statue of 163 meters long in the cliff of the hill which have created another achievement to its world history .

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Nepal has a lot more things to offer to the people apart from the things mentioned and is surely a place to be visit at least once. Whatever so the reason if went once there people will really love it. However, It is a place full of beauty and blessing nature. The mesmerizing breezes at the hills are cooling. The hospitality provided here is awesome which makes feel come again and again. It is certaintly a heaven on earth.

So tighten up your legs and gear up to the wonderful journey of life.