8 Reasons Why a Single Hostel Room is Coveted


College life is very fascinating and full of adventure. You feel independent and can do whatever you feel like without any restrictions. Talking about hostel rooms, they are although not well furnished, but what makes them special is that you get to live together with your friends and enjoy full freedom. There is nobody to question you regarding anything. Hostel rooms are not always single, but sometimes shared as well. Majority of students wish for single rooms and it is completely justified. Desire for a single room is so much that even if its size is one-fourth that of a double room, students don’t even think twice before opting for the former. Have a look at the following reasons that prove why staying in a single room is preferable.


1. Privacy

Well, undoubtedly this has to be the first and foremost reason for this choice. Each one of us wants privacy. We all want a place where we can relax alone and do not feel conscious due to the presence of others. Moreover, most of the times we can’t just leave precious stuff or any other confidential item anywhere in the room if it’s a shared one.

2. Makes it easy for couples

Entering into such relationships is very common during college life. Committed ones desperately need a single room in their hostels so that they can talk unperturbed for long. What the problem with shared rooms is that you can’t talk freely and have to suppress your voice and emotions as well. Moreover, making a video call becomes next to impossible most of the times.

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3. Freely turn your speakers on

Suppose you get a shared room and you and your roommate both have speakers. Oh my God! Such a sad situation it would be. Now it’s obvious that either you or he can turn the speakers on at a time. Moreover, you’ll now have to listen to what your roommate plays and the situation will get worse if both of you have quite different taste in music. The best solution to this is having a single room where you can put your speakers on anytime and can play any sort of music.

4. Sleep as and when you feel like

Turning the lights on and off is in our hands solely when we live in a single room. We can sleep at any time in the night or even stay awake the entire night with the lights on. But in a shared room, the two persons can have variation in their sleeping patterns. One might sleep late and get up late, while the other might sleep and wake up early. Not only the lights, but the movement of other person while you are sleeping also causes disturbance.

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5. Best for studious ones

In presence of friends, most of us are not able to concentrate on our work. Even if both are willing to study, they are not able to focus for long. And it gets worse when one has to study but other doesn’t. Single room solves this problem by offering complete freedom to study at any time of the day without any disturbance. Moreover, it is apt for students who do not like others to know that they are studying. Do not feel surprised here, such people do exist.

6. Less of sharing stuff with others

If you live in a single room in hostel, you’ll less frequently be disturbed by others for some stuff they want from you. Sharing daily-use items is very common in hostel and it becomes even more often in case of shared rooms.

7. No worries regarding fight with roommate

This is a very weird situation which arises when you enter into an argument with your roommate and it turns up into a fight. Now you both have to live together in the same room but none is willing to talk to the other. Both will then often indulge in an act that would irritate the other person and this way life is a total hell until the dispute is resolved. It is a very awkward situation which a single room does not let creep in.

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8. No need to tolerate your roommate’s friends

Such circumstances arise very often in a shared room. It’s absolutely fine if any of your mutual friends visit, but when you don’t know your roommate’s friend who has come to meet him or talk, you don’t feel comfortable and may also get irritated at times. You just wish he goes away quickly. In a single room, only the people concerned with you visit and it’s up to you whether you want them to stay or not.