8 reasons that makes Raksha Bandhan a special day


Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival which will be celebrated at 29th august, 2015 and it defines the duty and love between brothers and sisters and celebrates all over India. It is a festival where brother promises his sister to take her care and promises her that he will always keep her happy. a thread called” Rakhi” is ties in the brother hands by the sister. It shows the strong relationship between them and promises are given and taken. It happens by tying the “knot of protection” thread in the brother’s hand and in exchange gifts are given to the sister with the promise to take care of her all in life. Raksha bhandan defines the relationship of protecting their sister from all the hurdles they come across in their life and fulfilling their wishes. Here are some of the reasons why it is such a special day:

  1. Sister’s love


People feel very special when they get loved by their sisters. It is the day when the entire brother on earth feels special when their sister ties the knot of love and brings more love for their sister. Someone said that getting loved by sister is something very special and that will always lead you to the best path of success. Their aspiration, wishes and hopes gives the positivity to the brothers that makes it so special day. Out of 365 days in a year, where people are so much busy with their life, this one day is kept for meeting their sister out of heck lifetime and spreading the love everywhere.

2. Promises made


Promises are made by the brothers to their sisters to always keep them happy and protect them from any kind of struggles and problems. It is the day when all the promises are fulfilled and new promises are made. Both of them sacrifice for each other which shows the eternal love between them which makes it an auspicious day.

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3. Tie “ knot of protection” in exchange of gift


In the auspicious day of this bandhan, the sister ties the thread on the hands of her brother and wishes him the best for his Future endeavors and in exchange brother promises to take care of her and give gifts and chocolates as a part of the festival. It is the day when people free themselves from the entire busy schedule and take a day out to spend time with their family.

4. A free day of their busy schedule


Definitely it proves to be a free day so as to spend some precious time with their sisters and family out of their busy schedule of work. Specially, people having more sisters need to take out more time to meet all of them and give many promises and gifts. They are the lucky ones who get wishes from many sisters.

5. Gets money and lot of gifts


This is for the sisters who get a lot of blessing and the most important part is the money. To be factual, they earn much money in this festival if you notice to the money part but obviously the blessing that they get is just infinity. It becomes a special day for the sisters also because in one side they earn a good cash and gifts and on the other, they get a dedicated and loving brother who takes care of them. This is what this festival is all about. It defines the love relationship between them and brings the fact that nothing in the world is powerful than the relationship between sister and a brother.

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6. Family reunion


Yes, just imagine how does it feel to be with your entire family member in a single place? It is obvious that you will feel very happy. This can only happen in this day when all your family members will meet each other at a single time enjoying and can be called a “Family Union” once again. In this life, you will get that one from rare days only to fulfill your wishes and meet your close people at the same place.

7. Love from the family


Not only the sister’s love but you get the love from your family and all the promises and exchanges that happen in this day will make your day and the love and support get by the family is just not express able. The clothes and ethics that one wears and maintains respectively prove the importance of their culture and sweets are something which sister feeds to their brothers by their own hands which shows the love and devotion. Whatever the reason, the love is worthy than anything else in the life and at that moment we forget everything about our tensions and problems.

8. New clothes and sweets


On this special day, people wear new dress depicting their culture and greet others with positive wishes. Sweets are made and fed to the guests and people around.  Sister also feeds her brother by offering him sweets made by her very own hands which make it a memorable moment for both of them. The clothes that they wear show the value of Indian culture like boys wear kurta pyajama whereas girls wear saaree. It is very special on their own ways which makes the day so unique and special. From abroad , people send “ Rakhi” to their brothers and send gifts to their sisters.

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These are some of the reasons that can only happen in Raksha Bandhan day because it is very important for people to keep the bond strong between their sisters and this day is something which helps them to keep a day out for this day and love is spread all over the country. Well, it is not important that only own sister is taken care of but nowadays, many girls make boys their brother and take the promise of protecting them and loving them as a sister. This is very contrary in some cases but at last, this day is worth it to live and always love your sister and make your life special to have them.