8 Professors you encounter in College


One of the most important factors of college: professors. How much ever they trouble us we have to endure it with a smile. Of course the professors have earned that degree for a reason. They can offer valuable information and life experience. They may just have a difficult time communicating it. Few of the professors that we encounter are…

1. The impossible to decipher.

This professor acts all nice and genial. He says he doesn’t care about attendance and about reference books. The most important part is that “the subject must be understood”. But then you get your marks. And yes you’ve got a big,fat D. tumblr_nfvedaR6jf1rb5kh3o1_500

So why did he act all cool. We’ll never know.

How to get past this: The moment you hear “If you want to mark your attendance and go” or  “Do whatever you want in my lecture. I don’t mind.” STOP. Never get up and go. Because he is unpredictable. Don’t be surprised if he gets vindictive later.


2. The non-stop lecturer.

This lecturer never stops. The lecture is long over and so is your break. But he still has no intention of ever stopping. You appreciate the professor’s vast knowledge of the subject matter, but is it really necessary he get through it all today?

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These kind of lecturers are highly painful because you actually expect to marked for 3 hours and ultimately since he’s late he leaves without taking the attendance.


3. The accented professor.

The “Ajjume” and “conjume” of the college. These lectures might actually be interesting because there’s at least something to giggle about. He might be one of the nicest, most pleasant professors on campus, but his thick accent makes it extremely impossible to understand a single word. So though you want to attend its virtually pointless.tumblr_mublbzzqX51qhub34o6_r1_500


4. The PowerPoint Connoisseur

This professors life starts and ends with the power point presentation. “Start reading the presentation” ultimately leads to a long drowsy lecture. The dim lights and the droning get the full class yawning . But dare anyone tell the professor that.You seriously wonder why the professor doesn’t just cancel class and send out an email with the PowerPoint attached. You don’t want to be there, and obviously neither does he.anigif_enhanced-buzz-13840-1409884525-5

5. The late lateef.

The class is supposed to start at 9.00, its 9.15 but still he’s nowhere in sight. Everyone gives up and we start wandering to the canteen, hostel etc. And that’s when everyone’s Whatsapp starts buzzing. At 9.30 he’s started the lecture like he’s exactly on time and everything is going perfectly fine. In fact he complains about the students never being in class. The-Notebook-Now-Its-Too-Late-GIF2

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How to get past this: Never expect the lecture to start in time. Ever.


6.The Monotone

History of Magic by common consent the most boring subject ever devised by Wizard-kind. Professor Binns, their ghost teacher, had a wheezy, droning voice that was almost guaranteed to cause severe drowsiness within ten minutes, five in warm weather.—Harry Potter.

Always a Harry Potter reference in my articles but nothing can describe the monotone better than that.They don’t encourage classroom discussion. Rather, they enjoy listening to their own voice for 60 minutes straight. You spend the entire time zoning out , day dreaming and forget to write notes. Goes on and on and on…. tumblr_inline_nho5x6jOXK1qzqdem


7.The Brilliant One

This happens to be the best kind of professor. You are actually interested in every single word they say. Because everything makes so much sense.. This professor knows a little bit about every subject imaginable. She will find ways to incorporate equations into an english class or science into a math class and it’ll actually be interesting. She is has read/published numerous scholarly articles or even novels. She gives out interesting examples. This type of professor will encourage creative thinking and learning. She will force you to think outside the box.tumblr_lxegd2uFQL1r34jnp

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How to get through this: Gain as much as possible. Many people don’t get the chance to meet such teachers.


8. The Self-promoter.

“My BE project was best in the college” or “I am doing a PhD currently in ….”. This kind of professor spends more of the class time promoting their own achievements rather than teaching the subject at hand.This professor will take every chance to remind you of the one time they were published in that random journal you’ve never heard of but is, apparently, a big deal. When you ask a question in class, they will respond with a chuckle and put on their best patronising tone and lead it to an example of their own excellence. 3

How to get through this: Never ask questions that will definitely lead to more elaborate descriptions of obscure things.