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8 points to prove that corruption is the reason of economic slowdown in India


Friedrich Nietzsche, the German philosopher, cultural critic and poet once aptly described corruption as inhumane and dangerous than prostitution. According to his train of thoughts, “People who live in an age of corruption are witty and slanderous. They know that there are other kinds of murder than by dagger or assault. It has everything to do with the perilous corruption.”

Under-the-table transactions...
Under-the-table transactions…

Interestingly, to spice up this issue of corruption, there a few who advocate and object any nexus among politicians, criminals, corruption and economy. Here are a few points to propound the fact that corruption is one of the many reasons of economic slowdown in India.

  1. N.N.Vohra, the former Indian Union Home Secretary in 1993, categorically drafted a report that reinforced the nexus among politicians, criminals, corruption and economy. The report eloquently detailed the vested interests of a few politicians and selfish ends of criminals to loot the national exchequer.

  2. As per a genuine report by an esteemed criminal investigation agency, more than 100 members of Parliament are facing severe charges of corruption or related criminal charges. The number has gone up by leaps and bounds. Corruption has become the art of defying and it is an avenue for politicians and criminals to flex their ugly muscles.

  3. According to a report, to all intents and purposes, the travel time for a Delhi-Mumbai round trip may be reduced by about 2 days if we do away with the issue of corruption, both in letter and spirit, policy and execution. The recent strike of truck and lorry owners is a testimonial to this. As a consequence, the number of trucks crossing the borders in a day shall lead to the inefficient use of productivity and impacts the economy negatively.

  4. As per the media reports, the populist and welfare schemes launched by government are not free of the impact of corruption. As a consequence, they hardly add any substance or any welfare. This hinders the economy of our nation.

  5. Due to the rampant corruption manifest in government schemes and public works department initiatives, hardly 40% of the total allocated grains reaches the truly needful and truly deserving. Schemes like MNREGA, NHM, etc. have never yielded proportionate gains, depriving the poor of the most basic necessities of life.

  6. India is a rich country inhabited by poor people. Excessive regulations, intricate taxation systems, low GDP growth rate and high unemployment are only a few of the manifold consequences of corruption.

  7. As per trustworthy reports, corrupt politicians and unrighteous bureaucrats make this country poorer by INR 90,000 to 100,000 crore each and every year. As per the financial analysts and their financial acumen, this accounts for nearly 1.2-1.5 % of GDP. All this money is present as black money in Swiss bank. Thus, the issue of corruption is going for a toss and is taking a toll.

  8. Scams- to name a few, we have the celebrated 2G scam, coal scam, satyam scam, Common Wealth Games scam, Wakf Board land scam etc. Well, the list doesn’t end here.

Let me sign off by quoting a humorous script of Ellen DeGeneres – More often than not, people at the workplace ask me “Were you funny as a child?”  Well, no, I was an accountant!



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